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5.5" Apple iPhone 6 leaks, as Jimmy Lin strikes again

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Just a few days ago, Taiwanese actor-singer celebrity Jimmy Lin posed for the camera holding what is allegedly Apple’s yet unreleased iPhone 6. Despite this being a leak, we had all reasons to believe it is identical or very close to the real deal - Lin had already leaked the iPhone 5 (which proved to be just what that image showed), and in the meantime, sources within manufacturing have confirmed that the iPhone 6 leak is what Apple is indeed producing.

Now, though, we see an even clearer image of the iPhone 6 (and what seems its 5.5-inch, phablet-sized model), as Jimmy Lin strikes again. The celebrity has posted a picture on his Weibo account, showing him repairing an iPhone 5s with a shattered display, and casually alongside you can see the 5.5” iPhone 6.

The alleged 5.5” iPhone 6 is turned off, but you can clearly see the changed position of the physical buttons with the volume keys on the left and the only place left for a power/lock key being on the right, closer to your thumb. Take a closer look at this alleged beta iPhone 6 unit, and also notice it’s iPad mini-like design with curvier edges. Do you like what you see?

source: Jimmy Lin


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