5 free password manager apps for Android & iOS that keep your codes away from the enemy

5 free password manager apps for Android & iOS that keep your codes away from the enemy
Everyone needs a roof to live under, a meal to put on the table, and a warm, secure place to store their confidential files, passwords, credit card numbers, pin codes, and other strange series of digits and letters that hackers, scammer, and other criminal subjects are so keen on stealing from you. Okay, maybe not everyone needs a password manager app, but if you have to login securely on multiple sites, use multiple devices, or just want that extra bit of security for your files, these go a long way. 

To help you, we did some searching and came up with five apps that are multi-platform and are essentially, or even completely free to use. We've noted what the free and paid functionality consists of. Feel fry to try any of these apps out. They mostly do the same things, but each one has a little something to stand out - be it a piece of functionality, or something in its interface you might end up liking in particular.


PasswordBox has a nice list of features to offer. There's 1-Tap login to websites, automatic login saving, AES-256 encryption, SSL data protection, strong password generation, Master Password and PIN code locks for your data vault, password sharing and management, encrypted Safe Notes for sensitive personal information, and Auto-Lock theft protection. The WALLET functionality lets you collect information from ID cards, passports, Social Security numbers, credit cards, and banking details on the go. Legacy Locker lets you pass your online accounts to ones you trust, protecting your digital belongings during life and after. All your passwords are saved to the browsers, computers, tablets, and phones you're using.

How much? PasswordBox is free for storing up to 25 passwords, and all of the essential functionality is unlocked. For a $12 annual subscription, you can store additional passwords 

Download PasswordBox on Android | iOS


Keeper is touted as a secure and convenient password manager. It uses highest levels of security - 256-bit AES encryption and PBKDF2 key derivation. It is also a zero-knowledge provider, or in other words, the app has no idea what your encryption key is, which means only you can get to your information. You can still share private Keeper records with other users, though. Meanwhile, the secure file storage feature lets you store everything confidential in your Keeper vault. The files will be encrypted and secured with the same encryption technology used for guarding your passwords. 

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Sharing is easy, thanks to the dedicated Share button inside your vault. The other side will receive an invite to see the file, which will be shared over a public/private key + 256-Bit AES connection. If this is not enough security for you, Keeper offers Two-Factor Authentication via Text Message, Voice Call and Google Authenticator.

How much? Keeper offers free on-device storage. The Sync & Cloud Backup functionality is free for 30 days. Keeper Backup subscriptions with additional storage plans start at $9.99 per year.

Download Keeper on Android | iOS

Dashlane Password Manager

Dashlane is another locked & loaded password manager that protects your data with AES-256 encryption. No record of your Master Password is being kept anywhere. You can choose where your data is stored, that is on local storage, or synced and backed up to the cloud with Dashlane Premium. On iOS, the app supports TouchID logins. Other staples, shared with the Android version, include automatically creating and save new passwords as you browse, auto-login, easy copy-pasting passwords between apps, encrypted secure notes, and security breach alerts for your logins and passwords. Online shoppers will appreciate the express checkouts support and the functionality to save itemized receipts with screenshots of your purchases on the iPad.

How much? Dashlane is free to download and use on your device, but you can go premium for automatic sync between devices and backup to your cloud account.

Download Dashlane on Android | iOS

Trend Micro™ Password Manager

Trend Micro™ Password Manager is all about features such as Cloud Sync for backup and syncing passwords, notes, and form fill information. The Secure Browser is made to keep your online bank transactions safe. Keystroke Encryption will please the most paranoid among you, protecting your passwords from keyloggers. One-Click Sign In, One-Click Form Fill, and Secure Notes are fundamental features that this app doesn't cover any worse than the rest.

How much? The free version never expires and lets you store up to 5 passwords. The paid version can be had on a $15/year subscription and stores unlimited passwords.

Download Trend Micro™ Password Manager on Android Phone | Android Tablet | iOS

Norton Identity Safe

Ahh, remember Dr. Norton? This time, Symantec's computer medic is back to save you from the conditions "password stole-itis" and "password forget-itis". Norton Identity Safe saves your private codes and syncs them on the devices you own and want to sync. The built-in password generator comes up with unique passes for all your accounts. Addresses, wallet information, credit cards, and bank accounts is saved so you can easily fill out online forms and checkout faster while shopping. Your data will be available even when you're offline. Meanwhile, pin-based access let you open the secure vault with relative ease and security.

How much? Free, period.

Download Norton Identity Safe on Android | iOS

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