5 awesome classic adventure games that you can play on your smartphone today


Ah, weren't the 90's a great decade for gaming? Everything was pixelated and cartoonish, and non-demanding quest games with twisted, sometimes impossible solutions, but none the less great stories and humor were prevalent. Unforgettable classics like Legend of Kyrandia, Leisure Suit Larry, Space Quest, Day of the Tentacle, Gobliiins, and many others were born and took their permanent spot in gamers' hearts.

Well, while mobile gaming is pretty limited in terms of input methods, it turns out that touchscreen lends itself perfectly for the good old adventures and their non-demanding, point-and-click mechanics. So, as one might expect, remakes or direct ports were done for some of them. More famously, the Monkey Island games were remade and added to the iOS App Store, but, unfortunately, they are mysteriously gone now.

But worry not. There are some more awesome classic quest games that you can play on your iPhone or Android device, and we dug up 5 must-haves for you!

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