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4 out of 10 BlackBerry users plan on switching to iPhone when their contracts expires

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4 out of 10 BlackBerry users plan on switching to iPhone when their contracts expires
While 4 out of 5 dentists recommend chewing Trident, as we've been so informed over the years on television, 4 out of 10 BlackBerry users plan on switching to the iPhone once their contract expires. That is based on a survey done by Crowd Science and posted by ars technica. The market research firm has some other stats that explain this finding. While the 'Berry is known for being tops among the pinstriped set, one in three iPhone users are using the device strictly for personal use versus 16% for 'Berry users. Just 1% are using their iPhone for business use only. That means that 66% are using Apple's touchscreen smartphone for both business and pleasure. Only 7% of BlackBerry owners are using the handset for business reasons only and that leaves a whopping 75% using BlackBerry for personal and business use. With RIM's devices struggling on the multimedia side of the equation right now, you could see why many BlackBerry owners would like the iPhone for personal use. And yes, BlackBerry users will be soon getting a new WebKit based browser, but that is just one piece of the puzzle. Those 40% willing to change phones seem to believe that the Apple handset can handle their business needs while giving them the fun things on the personal side that they cannot get on the BlackBerry device.

The survey also shows that 32% of BlackBerry users would trade in their device for an Android flavored Nexus One at contract expiration. "These results show that the restlessness of BlackBerry users with their current brand hasn't just been driven by the allure of iPhone,"  says Crowd Sciences' CEO John Martin who continues, "Rather, BlackBerry as a brand just isn't garnering the loyalty seen with other mobile operating systems." To put an exclamation point on that quote, 90% of Android and iPhone users said that they would stay with their current OS when it is time for them to upgrade their handset.

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source: arstechnica via BGR

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