Redmi reveals crazy-fast 300W charging: Five-minute charging phones are here!

Crazy-fast 300W charging showcased by Redmi
Some will say that few things are faster than a red Italian two-seater with an obnoxious price tag. Others, more practical souls will swear that there's nothing faster than your monthly data allowance when streaming a Netflix show over your cellular connection.

Xiaomi daughter company Redmi just showcased something crazy that's definitely pushing the boundaries when it comes to battery charging tech. Well, if you've ever felt that your phone charges super-slow, then you might want to keep an eye at what Redmi might have in store, as the company just announced 300W fast-charging solution that promises to completely juice up a phone battery in 5 minutes. Yes, fast-charging could be understatement in this case!

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In a demonstration video, the company showcases a Redmi Note 12 Discovery phone with a custom 4,100mAh battery that gets full in under 5 minutes. While the charging speeds never actually hit 300W, which is possibly the theoretical maximum of Redmi's breakthrough tech, the device gets charged at more than 260W for a while, before succumbing to "slower" trickling speeds of sub-200W.

The charging adapter responsible for the impressive feat is a double-GaN one, so it keeps its compact size despite its staggering charging capabilities. Reportedly, there are more than 50 safety protections in this one, yet we can't help but wonder how such a fast charging tech would affect a smartphone battery in the long run. Fast-charging is usually associated with lots of heat, and heat is easily the biggest enemy to battery chemistry.

While impressive, the tech could very well remain a proof-of-concept for now, as Redmi is unsure as to when we might see phones with such speedy fast charging hit the market. Hopefully, we'll see those soon rather than later!

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