2.2 million Nokia Lumia smartphones shipped during Q1, estimates IDC

2.2 million Nokia Lumia smartphones shipped during Q1, estimates IDC
According to the analysts at IDC, about 2.2 million Nokia Lumia smartphones have been shipped in Q1 of 2012. That is the estimated number of actual units delivered to retailers and carriers, not units that customers have actually purchased. And that is a pretty underwhelming figure that goes to show how much catching up Nokia still has to do when it comes to smartphone sales.

In comparison, the big boys are doing rather well. Apple, for example, put about 35 million iPhones in the hands of users over the same period of time. Android smartphones have also been selling well, especially those made by Samsung. The adoption of the Windows Phone, however, is surely taking a while, even though the platform has a lot to be loved for. Windows Phone handsets are often among the highest rated devices at stores, and the Lumia 900, in particular, became a best-seller shortly after its launch on AT&T.  

Yet Nokia is not giving up. Each time a Lumia smartphone arrives at a new market, its launch is accompanied by elaborate marketing campaigns. Also, the Nokia Lumia smartphones are often competitively priced, with the top-tier Lumia 900 retailing for $100 on-contract on AT&T, while the full retail price of a new Nokia Lumia 610 stands at about $250. But will this be enough to convince consumers that Lumias are truly a worthy competitor to Android an iOS? Now that would be tough to accomplish.

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