16GB Apple iPod touch from 2013 is declared obsolete

16GB Apple iPod touch from 2013 is declared obsolete
Time flies as we all know, and today Apple announced that the 2013 16GB iPod touch has been declared obsolete worldwide. In an attempt to get iOS into more hands (and at a cheaper price), Apple took the 32GB fifth-generation iPod touch and cut the storage capacity in half while removing the device's rear camera. As a result, the 16GB 2013 iPod touch retailed for $229 which was a significant $70 savings from the $299 cost of the 32GB model (which was the previous low-end model).

So what does it mean that the device is obsolete in Apple's eyes? It means that the company will no longer service the 16GB iPod touch and parts for the product will no longer be made available for third-party repair firms to order.

The 16GB iPod touch was equipped with a 4-inch display with a resolution of 640 x 1136. It was powered by the Apple A5 chipset and came with half a GB of RAM. Apple shipped the product with its EarPods and it was offered in black with a silver-colored back.

Apple will first call a device vintage after it stops selling it for at least five years, but less than seven years. Users can still receive service and parts for a vintage Apple product. After seven years, the device can be listed as obsolete. Once given that designation, the product can no longer be repaired or serviced.

The latest version of the iPod Touch was the seventh-generation model which was released via the online Apple Store in May, 2019.

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