10 weird and unusual Motorola phone designs

10 weird and unusual Motorola phone designs
Like Samsung and Nokia, Motorola had its fair share of weird phone designs over the years. The company was the world’s first to launch a commercial mobile phone (way back in 1984), and had plenty of time to come up with unusual ideas for its handsets.

Of course, today Motorola isn’t what it used to be. Its Mobility division (which separated from Motorola Solutions in 2011) was acquired by Google in 2012, and is now in the process of being bought by Lenovo - which certainly has the needed resources not just to keep the Moto flame burning, but also to allow the company to fight with the major smartphone makers out there.

Anyway, talking about Motorola’s future is something we should do another time. Right now, we’ll just present you older Motorola phones that have weird or unusual designs. You can let us know in the comments if you owned any of them, or if you think there are other devices that should’ve made it to our list.

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