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10 perfect cases for early HTC One A9 buyers

10 perfect cases for early HTC One A9 buyers
The HTC One A9 is a beautiful, all-metal piece of tech, there's no doubt about that! Are you waiting for yours already, or considering a pre-order? Great! While you're at it, you should definitely order a case if you want to preserve its beautiful design! Luckily, case makers have been up to date with the latest developments at HTC, so they've already issued a bunch of products for early birds just like you. So you have a pretty good choice of accessories to consider.

As for the smartphone itself, you know how it goes. After the less-than-successful 2015 flagship that was the HTC One M9, a change of leadership, and a heap of financial troubles, it was obvious that HTC had to change the way it does some things. Thus, the new One A9 does not try to be a more powerful handset than the One M9, but to do things a bit differently from a design and price standpoint. It's an intriguing device for sure, and the first accessories for it look pretty great!

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