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10 cool iPhone accessories for $20 or less

10 cool iPhone accessories for $20 or less
Just because an iPhone 4S is a pricy investment, that doesn't mean that the accessories available for it cost an arm and a leg too. Okay, there are a few ridiculoulsy expensive ones, but in general, there is a whole bunch of iPhone accessories that can be owned in exchange for what one would make in an hour.

And for what they cost, some of them are actually pretty cool. In fact, we have done a little digging on the internet and collected for you 10 cool iPhone accessories that cost $20 or less. Care to know which ones we selected? Read along to find out.

Do-it-yourself iPhone case

Protective iPhone cases come in all shapes and sizes – some are stylish and conservative, suitable for the posh crowd, while others are so wacky that only a geek by heart would ever consider using them. However, no matter which one you pick, chances are that there is a whole bunch of people around the world that have the exact same case. But fear not as the DIY iPhone case is here! Just stitch your pattern of choice on it and you have a totally unique piece of craftsmanship ready to protect your beloved smartphone from accidental bumps and scratches.

Price: $19.99

Teak Wood Copacabana iPhone case

Searching for an iPhone accessory that is also environmentally friendly? Then this great-looking protective iPhone case made entirely out of wood might be worth checking out. Chances are you will also like the stylish engraving that graces the cover's back. And since the piece of wood it has been carved out of has its own unique texture, no two wooden cases are the same.

Price: $19.99

Cute Coconut Bread iPhone case

Without a doubt, being seen in public with one of these protecting your iPhone is a guarantee that you will be drawing people's attention. But no matter how you slice or dice it, the Coconut Bread iPhone protective case is the embodiment of cuteness. Sadly, we doubt that it will taste as good as it looks.

Price: $7.99

iPlunge iPhone stand

We couldn't resist putting the iPlunge iPhone stand on the list simply because it looks so adorable. So adorable that it almost makes you forget that it is nothing more but a mere, low-tech iPhone stand. But at the same time, just imagine how people will be looking at you with a curious eye the next time you use the accessory at Starbucks.

Price: $5.99

MILO! Micro-suction iPhone stand

Ever wondered how tiny lizards can magically climb up walls without falling? Actually, the answer lies in their tiny limbs, which are covered with miniature suction cups that keep them attached to whatever they are crawling on. And we are sharing all that with you because the MILO! Micro-suction iPhone stand uses the same principle to its advantage. With its micro-suction surface, it holds a tight grip to your iPhone without leaving any traces on its surface, and at the same time, it sticks firmly to your desk. It looks pretty stylish too!

Price: $14.99

BONE horn stand for iPhone

Low-tech horn audio amplification is something that was hot in your great grandpa's days, but that doesn't mean that it can't get the job done in the 21st century. Just look at the BONE horn stand for the iPhone – with its shape, it adds 13 decibels of volume (that is a lot) to the iPhone's built-in speaker, and it needs no darn batteries to do that. For those of you who are into cycling, the guys that make these have a model that can attach to the ramp of your bike.

Price: $9.99

Photojojo Wide/Macro and Telephoto lens

Want to take your iPhone's photographic abilities to the next level? The folks at Photojojo have just the thing. They offer a variety of external, detachable lenses, such as a wide/macro combo or a telephoto one, and they are all compatible with the iPhone. A fisheye lens is also available for $25, but if you buy all three lenses bundled together, their combined price drops to $50. (Pssst, these lenses should work with other phones too!)

Price: $20

PureGear battery charger for iPhone

We have all been there – just when you need to leave the Batcave, you realize that your trusty iPhone is low on juice and will most likely pass out the very moment you try to make a phone call. Good thing that you can add the PureGear iPhone battery charger to your utility belt. Sure, it won't charge your iPhone's battery up to 100 percent, but it should be able to provide up to 1 additional hour of talk time making it perfect for emergencies. And given its low price, it might be a good idea having one of these resting in your glove box in case you need it one day.

Price: $10.50

Fling Mini iPhone joysticks

What is better than having a physical joystick for that iPhone game collection of yours? Why, having two of them, of course! The Fling Mini iPhone joysticks bring tactile feedback to the games that use a virtual one, meaning that you can always be in control no matter how intense the action is. And since they attach to the smartphone's display using suction cups, they can easily be attached and detached on the fly.

Price: $18.99

iPhone cooling fan

Here is an iPhone accessory that is cool... literally. This iPhone cooling fan sucks power directly from your iPhone so it needs no batteries of its own to operate. And since its blades are made from soft polyurethane, you can rest assured that they wont hurt anyone who touches them accidentally while spinning. 

Price: $4.20

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