10 classic PC and console games remastered for Android and iOS

10 classic PC and console games remastered for Android and iOS
Today's mobile video games can knock your socks off with beautiful graphics, surround sound audio, and realistic physics effects. No surprise there, as modern smartphones pack enough processing power to deliver all this at a fluid framerate. You won't get any of this from the games we have listed below. What you will receive, on the other hand, is a solid dose of nostalgic video game fun. 

The slideshow below contains many of our favorite old-school PC and console games in the form of Android and/or iOS apps. They aren't remakes, however. The releases we've picked are all remasters of the originals. In other words, you get to enjoy each title in its purity, with none of the action, the feel, or the story altered or excluded. So, if you're feeling nostalgic and don't mind spending a few bucks on a retro gem, go take a look at our picks below! And if you feel like we've missed a game that should have been on the list, just let us know in the comments.


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