WWDC: Apple confirms international launch of Vision Pro [UPDATED]

WWDC: Apple confirms international launch of Vision Pro
Update from June 11, 2024:

Pricing info for the Apple Vision Pro's international launch is now visible on Apple's site. You can find out how much it costs in our story about Vision Pro's international pricing.

The original story from June 10, 2024 follows below:

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference for 2024 is finally here and with it comes news of Vision Pro. After numerous reports and rumors, we finally have confirmation on the international launch of Apple’s headset.

France looked like it would be the first country to get Vision Pro after the U.S. But staff from Apple stores all around the world have allegedly been receiving training in California for the last few weeks. Now Apple has announced which countries are getting its headset first and when. And poor France is not, in fact, the first.

Vision Pro availability and release dates

The first countries that will get Vision Pro are:

  • China
  • Japan
  • and Singapore

Consumers in these three countries will get their hands on Apple's headset this month on June 28. Rumors had been spreading about a release in China for quite a while now but I'm surprised to see it's one of the first countries to get the Vision Pro.

Then again, there are reports that Chinese supplier SeeYA is trying to court Apple for a chance to enter the supply chain for the rumored Vision Pro 2.

Other countries getting Vision Pro this year are:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • France
  • Germany
  • and the United Kingdom

Apple Vision Pro will launch in these countries on July 12. So it's only a difference of two weeks between the two launches. Other countries and regions were not mentioned so it's unclear when, and if, other places will get Apple's headset.

No changes to the headset's price were announced either, so it's likely it will cost the same $3,499 around the globe. Vision Pro's poor sales might be a trend that continues in these countries. In fact, I'd be surprised if it didn't. But Apple is also finally showing the world what it can do with XR (Extended Reality).

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Hello, world.

The Vision Pro has caused a lot of stir in the XR industry since its launch in February. It brought a lot of media attention to VR in general. Apple CEO Tim Cook said Vision Pro had a profound impact on users.

Now with the headset launching in other countries, Apple is further cementing itself in the XR market. We already have reports that the Vision Pro 2 will be less than half the cost of its predecessor. And its global launch should be much faster after Vision Pro sets the stage in my opinion.

And fortunately, for those who find out about the wonders of VR through Vision Pro but can't justify the cost, there are a ton of other excellent VR headsets to choose from.
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