Going golfing is old news: you can now do it in VR, with a new VR putter controller to match!

Going golfing is old news: you can now do it in VR, with a new VR putter controller to match!
One of the most novel things about some of the best VR headsets is immersion. I mean, even when you think that you’ve seen — and felt, when the stars align — it all, VR creatives do their magic and come up with more new ways for us to enjoy XR.

And you know what? Sometimes it’s all about replicating reality in fun ways. Now, don’t get me wrong: I’ll always prefer to touch grass when I can! But sometimes, you just can’t do the things you want to and even if VR can’t come close to the real thing, that extra bit of stress relief can go a long way.

And to me, that’s a prime reason for things such as virtual sports to exist. And while it would take a lot of advancements in the realm of virtual reality to happen before football can start to feel authentic in VR, we're getting closer in terms of golf!

Because now you can play golf in VR with a dedicated putter controller! 

Ok, so truth be told: this is the second iteration of this gizmo made by HelloReal. And if you consult the chart above — and know your golf — then you should understand how it’s an improvement not only over its predecessor, but also other products in the same space.

The ultimate aim of the Grip-to-Putter II is to provide you with a more comfortable and realistic golfing experience. The manufacturing team has been hard at work to make it feel authentic in terms of weight and grip, which is sure to be appreciated by any golfers willing to step into the realm of VR.

Now, even if nothing is to stop you from using this putter in other golf titles — or other VR games in general, if you're brave enough — it has been developed to compliment the hit game Walkabout Mini Golf specifically. While we can’t say whether the gadget will work better with this game than with others, we can say that it certainly has the potential to make that bit more fun.

If all of this was all it takes to convince you that you need a Grip-to-Putter II in your life, then you can buy one now for $55. Right now, the putter is compatible with:

But it’s not an all-in-one solution, as there are separate variants to match certain headset models, so make sure you pay attention to that when checking out.

And if all of this golf talk made you feel like checking out Walkabout Mini Golf, it’s available as a standalone game for Quest headsets here and there is also a PC VR version on offer through Steam, both priced at $15.

But if you’re itching for more VR gaming, check out:
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