VisionOS 2 will let Vision Pro users access VR content straight from the web

VisionOS 2 will let Vision Pro users access VR content straight from the web
The first thing Apple mentioned at this year’s WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) was visionOS 2. VisionOS 2 is the biggest update yet for Apple Vision Pro, and releases this Fall. And it will apparently enable WebXR support by default.

WebXR is an API that lets VR and AR headsets like the Vision Pro access VR, AR (Augmented Reality) and MR (Mixed Reality) content straight from the web. This means being able to jump into a VR experience straight from the Safari browser on your Vision Pro.

Other headsets like the Meta Quest 3 already had WebXR support, whereas you had to manually enable it in Safari on the Vision Pro. The biggest advantage of WebXR content, in my opinion, is the ease of access. WebXR content doesn’t need a dedicated app that needs to be downloaded from an app store.

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VisionOS 2 is poised to take Apple Vision Pro to the next level.

WebXR also has the benefit of needing less effort from developers to keep their content updated across all platforms, as pointed out by Road to VR. Instead of having to push updates for different versions of an app, only one update needs to be released.

This also means easier development, though I imagine it leads to less than optimal performance on some headsets due to a one-size-fits-all approach. Nevertheless, I can’t think of any major downsides to adding support for a popular XR (Extended Reality) standard.

Our Apple Vision Pro review deemed it one of the best MR headsets ever made. And I think visionOS 2 is just one of many major updates to come as Apple gains its footing in the XR industry.

Also, as the Vision Pro still doesn’t support PC VR games, at least WebXR support will allow users to somewhat expand their gaming library on Apple’s headset.
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