Sony is reportedly giving up on the PlayStation VR

Sony is reportedly giving up on the PlayStation VR
Sony’s VR headsets for its PlayStation consoles have struggled to sell as well as the company hoped. Despite being a very good VR headset, the PSVR2 just doesn’t have the sales numbers to take on competitors. And now it seems Sony might be thinking about shelving the entire VR department.

This rumor comes straight from Android Central. Sources have claimed that Sony is no longer interested in throwing money at VR.

— Nicholas Sutrich, Android Central, June 2024

This is pretty tragic for me personally, because I keep going on about how much I want the XR (Extended Reality) industry to grow. And though the VR industry is predicted to grow exponentially, it still feels wrong for Sony to withdraw from it.

The news also comes as a bit of a shock because Sony very recently announced a PC adapter for PSVR2. Granted, this adapter won’t let you use most of the headset’s main selling features. But why bother at all if the company wanted to give up on it?

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Eye tracking, haptics and more make PSVR2 a great VR headset.

The report also claims that moving forward, there will be “very few opportunities” for VR game development at Sony. This is the last thing PSVR2 owners needed to hear, seeing how there’s already so few titles that make it to the headset.

If these rumors are true, the PSVR2 might soon become just a cheap headset you can pick up and use with a PC using the adapter. And if that does happen, big names in the XR industry — like Meta — will find it even easier to dominate more market share.

I sincerely hope Sony is not, in fact, canceling PlayStation VR. But if it is, I can only hope that other companies jump in with more attractive offerings to fill the space.
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