It looks like PSVR2 might be getting PC VR support

It looks like PSVR2 might be getting PC VR support
Sony really seems to be embracing the PC gaming market. After porting exclusives like The Last of Us, Spider-Man and God of War to PC, it seems the company is ready to bring PC support to PSVR2.

PSVR2 (or PlayStation VR2) is Sony’s second iteration of a VR headset for PlayStation. The first headset came out for PS4 but is also backwards compatible with PS5.

South Korean certification body Radio Research Agency certified a “PlayStationVR2 PC adapter” back in March of this year.

This didn’t completely come out of left field. In February of this year on PSVR2’s first anniversary, Sony mentioned it was working on PC support in a blog. It was a small part of the blog and didn’t go into much detail. But this adapter is probably what Sony was talking about.

And if what was said in the blog is accurate, we’ll have our hands on this adapter before the end of this year. That’s pretty cool for multiple reasons. Firstly, owners of PSVR2 headsets will have their library of VR games expanded greatly. Secondly, the PSVR2 is a great headset with some really good features like:

  • An OLED display
  • Haptics
  • Eye tracking

Support for PC VR games would mean the PSVR2 is now a direct competitor to the Meta Quest 3 and other PC-compatible VR headsets. The PSVR2 retails for around the same price as the Quest 3 but with the aforementioned features that Meta’s headset doesn’t have.

But the Quest 3 has a massive library of games that it can run natively. It also has Mixed Reality and hand tracking similar to the Apple Vision Pro. So it really just comes down to personal preference if you don’t own any headset and are choosing between the two.

If you have your eye on the PSVR2 you’re in luck. The PSVR2 is on sale at the moment and Sony is also giving away free VR games to PlayStation Plus Premium members. This news also makes my comparison in that story outdated if PSVR2 is really getting PC support.

The adapter is going to breathe new life into the PSVR2 and make it a viable alternative to other offerings on the market.
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