PC VR cloud streaming spotted on Meta Quest, might be arriving soon

PC VR cloud streaming spotted on Meta Quest, might be arriving soon
Back in 2022, in Quest update v24, a cloud game streaming feature for Meta Quest was spotted named Avalanche. Now, in the latest Quest update v67, another finding suggests that this feature not only exists but is almost ready to go.

Cloud game streaming would be a massive boon to the Quest headsets. This is because these headsets are known for their native games that don’t require a powerful PC to be played. But these games are, naturally, limited by the compact hardware packed into these headsets.

Cloud streaming would eliminate the need for a powerful PC and allow headsets like the Meta Quest 3 to run demanding games and apps like a native program. Such a feature would make the Quest headsets even more appealing given their low cost and impressive specs.

Avalanche was spotted in the experimental settings of Quest update v67. For now, only one game shows up as an eligible title to play over cloud streaming: Lone Echo. Avalanche didn’t work when it was spotted, but clearly Meta is still working on it.

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Lone Echo is a very polished VR game and it’d be exciting to play it natively. | Video credit — Gamergen

I also find it interesting how, while Apple Vision Pro refuses to support PC VR games, Meta is trying to make it easier to play them on its headsets. Yes, the AR and VR industries are growing exponentially. And yes, a lot of this growth is driven by non-gaming use cases. But gaming still remains the biggest market of Virtual Reality for now.

The Quest 3 is already one of the best VR headsets you can buy today. But Avalanche, if it does come out officially, will make the Quest 3 an even easier recommendation for newcomers to VR. And that’s saying something.
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