Meta is now letting you try out multiplayer VR games for free

Meta is now letting you try out multiplayer VR games for free
As if I haven’t said this enough, Meta is really pushing for XR (Extended Reality) to become more mainstream. Recently the company started offering Quest 3 headsets for $25 a month. And now Meta will let you play multiplayer VR games for free during its Free Weekends event that will run till August.

So, how do Free Weekends work? Starting July 12 at 3 p.m. (your local time) you will get access to two multiplayer VR games. This week these games will be Breachers and Racket Club.

You will then have one hour to try out these titles with your friends. Meta recommends pre-downloading these games so you’re ready to play the instant you get access to them. If you play these games long enough, Meta will then email you a code for a 20% discount in case you want to buy them. These codes will remain valid for up to five days.

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Best experienced on the fantastic Meta Quest 3. | Video credit — Meta

Access will be revoked at 1 a.m. on July 15. If this timing remains the norm, you will get access to two games each Friday and lose said access on Mondays. Naturally, each weekend will see you getting access to two new games.

The Free Weekends event will conclude on August 12, so you can get a lot of games for cheap till then. This week’s games have got both action junkies (Breachers) and sports fans (Racket Club) covered.

Breachers is a team FPS where one team tries to breach another team’s defenses. You can play as either the attackers or the defenders. Racket Club, on the other hand, combines multiple sports into one new one designed specifically for VR. You can play singles, doubles, a career mode or just train against bots.

Free Weekends is a really cool event and, in my opinion, another reason why the Quest headsets are some of the best VR headsets on the market.
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