Meta is trying to reinvent the wheel with its “time machine” AR glasses

Meta is trying to reinvent the wheel with its “time machine” AR glasses
*Header image is referential, showcasing the Ray-Ban smart glasses. | Image credit — PhoneArena

In a recent interview, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed the company was almost ready to start demoing its AR glasses. Zuckerberg was quite confident about what Meta has been working on, and said that the glasses often left testers “giddy”. In a recent AMA (ask me anything) session on Instagram, Meta CTO Andrew Bosworth called the glasses a “time machine”.

Those are pretty strong words, and obviously many would think of it as just marketing hype. But looking at the facts that we know about these glasses, it does seem like these glasses are the real deal. Meta’s Head of AR Glasses Hardware, Caitlin Kalinowski, said the glasses had a much wider field of view than people might expect.

In the aforementioned interview, Zuckerberg also mentioned the Meta neural wristband. His words indicate that it might not be as sophisticated as Meta hopes to make it one day, but that it’s still pretty cool. It seems Meta’s AR glasses might also ship with this wristband, making the pair sound like something from the future.

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The Meta-powered Ray-Ban smart glasses saw unprecedented popularity. | Video credit — Meta

Zuckerberg, and Meta in general, has been investing heavily in the XR (Extended Reality) industry. In addition to making some of the best VR headsets on the market, the company keeps trying new things and improving its services.

Now that Horizon OS is open-source, Meta is positioning itself as the de facto provider of versatile and capable XR platforms for manufacturers. And if AR glasses take off as the next smartphone, Meta will find itself in a very favorable position.

I personally am quite excited to see what Meta has been working on all these years. However, realistically speaking, these glasses are years away from a consumer version’s launch. But you can prepare yourself for the future with today’s best AR glasses instead.
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