Meta Quest headsets will let you stream WNBA games in VR this season

Meta Quest headsets will let you stream WNBA games in VR this season
The Women’s National Basketball Association signed a multi-year deal last year with Meta. This deal would see 20 WNBA games live streamed on Meta Quest platforms every season. And that is exactly what’s happening now, similar to last year.

The WNBA games can be streamed in Meta Horizons Worlds as well as on Xtadium. This year will also see five games live streamed in the VR180 format. VR180 is 180-degree content that, mostly due to the wider field of view, is much more immersive in VR.

Meta Horizon Worlds is Meta’s social hub where countless events are held that people can participate in. Though primarily for VR it is also available on mobile and web. Meanwhile, Xtadium is a platform to watch sports in Virtual Reality as well as Mixed Reality.

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A Quest headset opens up a world of fun possibilities.

While VR headsets are mostly used for VR games, there are a ton of other experiences that are perfect for Virtual Reality. And live sports is definitely high on that list. Because instead of watching a game on a plain TV, you actually feel like you’re sitting in the front row. Stereoscopic 3D VR brings live sports to life.

Hugo Barra, former Head of Oculus, recently talked about the Apple Vision Pro. In his blog post he discussed many aspects of the XR industry, including the fact that he thinks Apple could market the Vision Pro for live sports.

Now, the Vision Pro is one of the best AR headsets out there, but the Meta Quest 3 is no slouch either. Live sports will look fantastic on Quest 3 and should also look decent on Quest 2.

Sports in Virtual Reality are awesome, and I can’t wait until 360-degree VR streaming becomes the norm. Bonus points if, like Barra suggested, you can watch these VR streams alongside friends and family.
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