The Meta Quest 2 is dead, long live the Quest 3S

The Meta Quest 2 is dead, long live the Quest 3S
Meta Quest 2 stock has been running out across retailers for some time now, and it seems it’s really gone for good. The official Meta store, which ships to certain countries and regions directly, has started running out of Quest 2 headsets. And they’re not being restocked.

This has been a long time coming, of course. More and more apps and games are launching exclusively for Meta Quest 3. And there have been rumors about a new, cheaper Quest 3 headset for a while now.

This rumored new headset, dubbed Meta Quest 3S, is expected to be just as powerful as the Quest 3. But it will make sacrifices elsewhere to reduce cost, like display resolution. It will also become the cheapest entry point into Meta’s XR (Extended Reality) platform after the Quest 2 is gone.

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For $499, the Quest 3 is a bargain in my opinion. | Video credit — Meta

This doesn’t mean the Quest 2 is being completely abandoned by Meta, however. Meta CTO Andrew Bosworth recently claimed that the Quest 2 would receive support for years to come. So there’s no pressure for VR enthusiasts on a tight budget to upgrade just yet.

But we’ve already seen multiple Quest updates come out with enhancements exclusive to Meta Quest 3. And I think it’s safe to say that this trend will continue. The Quest 3 is a more powerful headset and Meta wants to make full use of that power. Especially now that the release of Apple Vision Pro has spurred the industry into action and alternatives are being worked on.

The Quest headsets are some of the best VR headsets on the market today, and Quest 2 is no different. But like all good things, the Quest 2’s reign has to come to an end soon. And what a glorious reign it has been.
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