Meta CTO says Quest 2 will continue receiving support for years

Meta CTO says Quest 2 will continue receiving support for years
Andrew Bosworth, CTO at Meta, often holds AMA (ask me anything) events on his Instagram. And in his most recent event he said that the Meta Quest 2 will continue receiving support for years after it’s sold out.

The Quest 2 went on a permanent discount recently. Quest 2 accessories also saw massive price reductions that are here to stay. Furthermore, retailers have stopped restocking Quest 2 headsets when they’ve sold out.

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The Quest 3 is an excellent successor to Quest 2.

And then there’s the new Batman: Arkham Shadow and Alien: Rogue Incursion games. Both of which will not be released for Meta Quest 2 or Quest Pro. All of this points to the Quest 2 nearing its end, and soon new Quest 2 headsets will not be available for purchase. But Bosworth promises that new Quest 2 owners will not be left behind.

— Andrew Bosworth, Instagram, May 2024

The Meta Quest 2 is a brilliant headset but the Quest 3 surpassed it in every way possible. And the recent trend of game developers releasing their games only on Quest 3 means it’s time to upgrade.

But not everyone can or is willing to shell out $500 for a VR headset. Fortunately, Meta reportedly seems to acknowledge this. There have been rumors for a few weeks now of a supposed Meta Quest 3 Lite.

If these rumors are true we could be looking at a cheaper variant of the Quest 3. It might have a lower resolution display or less software features to cut down on cost. And it would serve as an entry-level headset for the XR market.

No one can say for certain how much longer Quest 2 stock is going to last. And honestly, if you’re enthusiastic about VR, I’d advise against getting a Quest 2 in general because of dwindling support from developers.

If you’re on a tight budget you should wait to see if a Quest 3 Lite is indeed coming out. Or perhaps our list of the best VR headsets has something that catches your fancy.
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