Meta allows Mixed Reality apps to go beyond limits, literally

Meta allows Mixed Reality apps to go beyond limits, literally
Modern VR headsets, like the Meta Quest 3, make you set up a play area within specified boundaries. Until now, most MR (Mixed Reality) apps were subject to the constraints of these boundaries despite passthrough letting users see their surroundings. Meta is now finally allowing developers to turn off this limitation in the latest update to Meta XR Core SDK.

These boundaries are quite important for playing VR games or using VR apps. Headsets notify you when you approach the boundary limits so you don’t accidentally bump into a wall or knock a priceless vase off the shelf. But having these limits never made sense for MR games and apps.

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With impressive passthrough, Quest 3 makes for a great MR headset. | Video credit — Meta

Version 66 of the Meta XR Core SDK, an essential software development kit for creating Quest apps, lets developers bypass these boundaries. To do so, however, the app must be using passthrough to show the user a live feed of their surroundings. If at any point the app switches to VR, the boundaries will immediately come into effect.

— Meta, XR Core SDK Version 66 release notes, June 2024

The removal of this limitation should help developers create much more immersive MR experiences. Mixed Reality is so engaging because it takes advantage of an already existing, and often familiar, space: usually your home. Without the boundaries, users can easily jump into MR experiences at a larger scale without having to mess around with the settings.

It also makes sense Meta is improving MR. The company is highly invested in making it the future of computing. From AI-powered AR smart glasses to the latest Quest update that improves MR productivity, Meta is committed to a Mixed Reality world.

Meta already makes some of the best VR headsets on the market. But I think we can safely say that the company is aiming to dominate our list of the best AR glasses as well.
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