Meta once again confirms Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas VR for the Quest, then deletes its comment

Meta once again confirms Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas VR for the Quest, then deletes its comment
As the extremely anticipated Grand Theft Auto VI nears its release next year, us virtual reality fans are yet to get a VR GTA experience of our own.

It's been over two years since Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself confirmed that GTA: San Andreas was coming to the Meta Quest, but what followed that announcement was complete silence.

Over time a lot of VR fans just understandably assumed that the GTA: San Andreas Quest port was quietly cancelled, and would never happen. After all, during those two years the Meta Quest 3 was released, Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition was released, but for the Meta Quest - nothing.

However, about a day ago Meta confused fans with a cryptic move - it confirmed that the GTA: San Andreas Quest port was still being worked on, then deleted the confirmation. So which is it? Apparently a clear "yes" or "no" is out of the question.

In the YouTube comments section on Meta Quest's official YouTube channel a user asked the company: "do you have and [sic] idea if san andreas vr has a release date of has been canceled."

And surprisingly, Meta responded with "we don't have a release date yet, but we're working on it!"

Users in the thread understandably got excited over this official confirmation, only to be baffled by Meta's response being deleted shortly after. Basically, we're still in the dark, but evidently that GTA: San Andreas Quest port might not be dead in the water after all.

Technically, a Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas VR port for Meta Quest isn't an insane request. The Meta Quest runs Android, and not one, but two versions of GTA: San Andreas are already available on Android phones.

Turning GTA: SA into a VR experience would not be as challenging or expensive as it could've been if the Android port didn't exist. Regardless, we could speculate that Meta, or whoever is tasked with making the port, is yet to receive the green light to announce anything from Take Two Interactive, owner of Rockstar Games (maker of GTA).

We know Take Two focuses on delivering its games to where the most players are, which usually means consoles first, PC last. And because of that, I was quite surprised to hear it was on board to release a GTA for the still-tiny VR market, but after several confirmations, we're inclined to believe it's going to happen. But so far, Meta remains cryptic about it.

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