Inspired by the Vision Pro, Immersed’s Visor is a XR headset for work

Inspired by the Vision Pro, Immersed’s Visor is a XR headset for work
What has ditched the idea of physical controllers, has improved eye-tracking and is expected to join the ranks of the best AR/VR headsets as a productivity device? Well, if you said the Apple Vision Pro, you wouldn’t be wrong.

But have you heard about Immersed? This is a productivity-focused app that functions with a lot of standalone headsets like the Quest 2 or the Pico 3, both in VR and AR — where applicable to an actual usable extent, but that’s another story.

TL;DR: it lets you set up virtual screens and just have at it. Pretty close to the Vision Pro, right? Well, it just got even closer, because the company behind the app actually announced its own headset, called the Visor.

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Let’s call it how it is: most XR headsets are focused on gaming and entertainment and almost none are focused on productivity and making working something more manageable and enjoyable.

Which is a pretty big reason why the Visor is impressive from the get go, because it has been created as a work-focused headset. Here are some specs to get you hyped:

  • One 4K Micro OLED display per eye
  • 100º field of view
  • Eye and hand-tracking capabilities
  • Allows you to set up up to five virtual monitors in ultrawide resolutions
  • Focused on comfort, as to allow you to wear it for extended sessions
  • Allegedly 25% lighter than a modern smartphone (wowsers!)
  • Compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux

There is also the claim of “Custom fit to you”, which can be interpreted in two ways:

  • The Visor will have some new-age adjustment capabilities
  • Immersed may let you submit some metrics in order to make you a custom fitted Visor

As of now, it’s not certain and time will tell.

So, if all of this sounds really exciting to you, you can head on over to Visor’s website and join the waitlist. We haven’t gotten a price tag yet and given how new the work-centric XR market is, it’s difficult to make a prediction. But hopefully, the Visor will be less expensive than the Vision Pro.
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