You can get these eight VR games for just $10 total

You can get these eight VR games for just $10 total
Humble Bundle, the service that sells bundles of content at low prices while donating to charity, has something for VR gamers this month. The Devolver Digital Collection features eight Devolver Digital titles that, combined, are worth $189 but you can get right now for $10.

That is insanely good value in my opinion. Especially because most of the bundled VR games are very positively reviewed. The Devolver Digital Collection includes the following games:

  • Gorn
  • Tentacular
  • The Talos Principle VR
  • Serious Sam 3 VR
  • Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope
  • Serious Sam VR: The Second Encounter
  • Serious Sam VR: The First Encounter
  • Block’hood VR

If you’ve been part of the VR community, some of those names probably sound very familiar if you haven’t already played these games. Gorn is one of the most popular VR games for videos on YouTube due to its cartoonishly over the top action. It kind of reminds me of the early days of Blade and Sorcery, though much less focused on realism.

The Talos Principle VR is one of the most highly reviewed games published by Devolver Digital. It is a faithful VR adaptation of the original and an absolute delight for those who prefer their games to be more philosophical than just mindless run-and-gun.

The Serious Sam games are, as anyone who’s played them knows, super action-focused. Tentacular sees you controlling a giant beast trying its best to fit in. And Block’hood VR is a VR port of a game of the same name that calls itself a “neighborhood-building simulator”. Though Block’hood has its following, the VR port is very widely regarded as a terrible game because of how poorly it runs.

With how Humble Bundle works, you can get the Devolver Digital Collection for just $10, but you can also choose to pay more. The amount you pay is divided between Humble, the developers and charity. As of writing this, the Devolver Digital Collection has raised $7,406 for charity.

This bundle expires in 18 days so you have plenty of time to get it for your VR headset.
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