Apple working on allowing you to virtually paint and draw with a future Vision Pro

Apple working on allowing you to virtually paint and draw with Vision Pro
Apple's Vision Pro may still be quite new and many people may be questioning its purpose. But that doesn't mean Apple isn't working on making it even more appealing. Apple Insider reports about new patents for Vision Pro that show Apple is looking to attract artistically inclined people to the headset.

Draw and paint inside the Vision Pro world

There are two related patents that Apple has filed that show the company's working on allowing creativity in the Vision Pro. Basically, the proposed technology would allow you to draw or paint in AR, on a virtual canvas... and also create art in the real world, where artwork could be superimposed over actual elements.

The first patent describes a way to use a stylus for input. We've heard this one before, that Apple may be working on an Apple Pencil for the Vision Pro. However, the patent is talking about a new device with a light emitter.

The second patent describes techniques for enabling drawing in a computer-generated reality environment. The Vision Pro would be able to track a user's hand. You will be able to pinch your fingers as if holding a paintbrush. Also, you'd be able to change what you're holding as well.

Also, the device will be able to simulate a real artist's workflow. You would be able to pick and mix colors and dip the virtual brush into virtual paint.

Drawing in AR or VR isn't new though. Quest, for one, allows for the use of Tilt Brush or other apps to create virtual artwork. But these use controllers - therefore seem more unnatural (you don't push a button to paint).

The Vision Pro will also be able to produce sounds like the ones you would hear from pencil lines on paper or brush strokes. You will also be able to take virtual art classes.

But as with anything that's a patent, this tech may or may not ever become official. Only time will tell whether or not you'll be able to be an artist in Vision Pro's world.
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