Free Mixed Reality laser tag game turns your living room into a virtual arena

Free Mixed Reality laser tag game turns your living room into a virtual arena
Mixed Reality (MR), the convergence of virtual worlds with reality, has opened the doors to many exciting possibilities. For example, indie studio’s MR laser tag game Laser Limbo, which is currently available for free on Quest App Lab.

Laser Limbo is available on the Meta Quest 3, Quest 2 and Quest Pro. The game uses your headset’s passthrough feature to turn your environment into an arena. Passthrough is when VR headsets use their external cameras to show you a live feed of the outside world. Mixed Reality applications take this feed and overlay it with virtual elements in stereoscopic 3D.

Laser Limbo lets players set up their playspace as an arena by specifying boundaries and physical objects. Once this setup is complete the game can be played solo, against a friend or in co-op mode.

It comes with different modes. These include Drone Waves, Coin Clash and classic Team VS Team and co-op modes. Up to eight players can play simultaneously on a Quest 3 while only four can play on a Quest 2 or Pro. Keep in mind that to play with more than two players you’ll need to pay for the LBE (Location Based Entertainment) version of the app.

LBE is entertainment tied to specific physical locations. Pricing for LBE apps like Laser Limbo are usually for businesses or large groups that use a physical spot as a regular hangout for play.

Which means that there could be a business that lets people play VR laser tag for a price and they themselves pay to use Laser Limbo. Or it could just be a large group of friends that play regularly in a big play area like a warehouse.

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Laser Limbo can be played almost anywhere.

As seen in the trailer above, Laser Limbo is full of colorful sprites and fun game modes. The passthrough works really well and players are displayed in big bright virtual vests. The built-in Map Editor is what players will use to turn their real-life environments into arenas.

Meta’s Quest App Lab is a storefront of sorts where unfinished, Early Access or Beta versions of apps are shared. Laser Limbo is looking at a proper release sometime this year, possibly with additional game modes.

This game excites me from a technical standpoint. You know what it reminds me of? Those AR games in the video game Watch Dogs. Laser Limbo is exactly like that: turning your real-life environment into a massive play area.

A similar experience, though much more laid back, is Game Room on the Apple Vision Pro. And Meta’s Quest App Lab giving us access to fun apps like Laser Limbo is why the Quest 3 is one of the best VR headsets of 2024.
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