Fitness and mindfulness make their way to Mixed Reality on Quest 3

Fitness and mindfulness make their way to Mixed Reality on Quest 3
Alo Moves, the on-demand wellness platform, is bringing its services to MR (Mixed Reality) on Meta Quest 3. The service will launch on Meta’s headset later this year and bring with it access to all its existing classes.

Alo Moves creates fitness, yoga and mindfulness classes in video format. Especially helpful for people who want to partake in these activities from the comfort of their home. The exclusive MR content will be developed by Magnopus. Magnopus made the VR Space experience Mission: ISS. The studio has also worked on two of my most favorite TV shows: Fallout and Westworld.

Classes in Mixed Reality will feature realistic recreations of real-life instructors. Instructors include Ashley Galvin, Bianca Wise and Kirat Randhawa. These instructors will guide users through every step of the class. In addition, users can place a miniature version of the instructor wherever they please. There are also scenic vistas you can choose to place around yourself.

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The Meta Quest 3 continues to receive exciting new apps.

Though other VR headsets are also capable of MR, Alo Moves will be exclusive to the Quest 3. Meta has been phasing out support for Quest 2 so it only makes sense. In our review of Quest 3 we found it to be a big upgrade over its predecessor.

Alo Moves is just one example of the VR industry’s growth that is taking place across different fields. Newer technologies and ever-improving AI is making XR as a whole a lot more accessible and practical. The volumetric capture of the aforementioned instructors brings digital fitness classes to a whole new level.

— AJ Sciutto (Director of Virtual Production at Magnopus), Meta Quest Blog, May 2024

In my opinion, this will greatly benefit fitness-conscious individuals with social anxiety who prefer to stay home. These people already use digital classes and this will just be a massive upgrade. Others might still prefer in-person activities, however.

I’m just glad, as ever, to see more industries accepting XR and helping it grow.
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