Brilliant Japanese mind puzzler arrives on Meta Quest this month

Brilliant Japanese mind puzzler arrives on Meta Quest this month
The Meta Quest headsets will be getting a VR port of the brilliant Japanese mind-puzzling walking simulator: The Exit 8. Available on Meta Quest 3, Quest Pro and Quest 2, The Exit 8 VR launches on July 11.

The Exit 8 came out in November of last year. It’s a game about trying to escape an anomalous Japanese subway tunnel. The player has to successfully cross levels of the subway until they reach exit number eight.

Players have to keep an eye out for anomalies on each level. If they miss an anomaly and cross the tunnel, they will be reset back to the first level. Correctly identifying an anomaly and turning back progresses the game, similar to not turning back if there is no anomaly.

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Exit 8 Exit 8 Exit 8.

So, what constitutes an anomaly? Each time you pass through the tunnel you’ll be looking out for anything that’s different. For this, you will have to have properly studied and memorized the tunnel in previous trips.

Anomalies can be as obvious as a loud rushing torrent of water coming towards you and as subtle as a different picture. The game is never too punishing: you won’t have to memorize the text on the posters or how many lights there are in fear of one going missing.

But anomalies can be devilishly tricky to find sometimes. One anomaly (spoiler alert, obviously) that is really difficult to spot is a doorknob in the center of its door. The gameplay sounds dull at first but quickly sucks you in.

Exit number eight is a stairway that leads to the outside world and allows you to escape this haunted tunnel. It’s quite a fun game, and I think it’ll be very immersive in VR because of the depth and scale of everything. I just wish the trailer showed actual VR gameplay.

The Exit 8 is available on the Meta Horizon Store here for $6.99 and you can pre-order it for $5.99. Developer Kotake Create has also very recently launched Platform 8: a sequel that takes place on a train that never stops. So that’ll probably arrive on VR one day too.

And while you wait for July 11, here are some excellent VR games to keep you company.
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