The Best Meta Quest 2 deals and bundles: experience VR on a budget

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Best Oculus Quest 2 deals: experience VR on a budget
The Quest 3 is out, but even as so it's older sibling, the Quest 2, is still among the best VR headsets around. The headset was a fan-favorite for such a long time that even in 2024, months after the Quest 3 was released, it still holds a top spot in numerous online charts.

And that's because Meta did something very clever with how it positioned these two headsets. Instead of choosing to make the Quest 2 obsolete when the sequel came out, the manufacturer positioned them as two different types of categories. So today, the Quest 2 is the best way to get a solid VR experience at a budget. 

Sure, it doesn't have fancy mixed-reality capabilities and it doesn't come with colorful passthrough, but it is still getting regular software updates and most — if not all — popular game releases as of January 2024, still run on the Quest 2. Oh, and it's also compatible with PC VR, which theoretically will always be applicable. 

If you've made the choice to try out VR in 2024 — which you should, given the imminent release of the Vision Pro — the Quest 2 is the best starting point. So are you ready to check out your options? 

The Best Meta Quest 2 deals of 2024

The Meta Quest 2 (128GB)

Meta's most popular VR headset makes for a great gateway into VR! No matter if it's work or play that you plan to use it for, this is probably the best starter VR headset that you can get in 2023!

Meta Quest 2 (256GB)

It's been years, the Quest 3 is out, yet still the Quest 2 is worth your time (and money), especially if you're just starting out with VR. This headset is still supported and most games will play on it without any issue. This specific model comes with 256GB of onboard storage, so that you can have a huge library to carry around with you.

The Quest 2: Active Bundle

Are you a fitness freak? Are you really excited to get your game on in Beat Saber? Are you all about moving around while in VR?! Then the Active Bundle for the Quest 2 is just for you, made to help you clean the headset faster and have a better grip while playing!

The Quest 2: Comfort Bundle

Are you so excited to jump into VR that you plan on keeping the Quest 2 strapped to your face for hours on end? Well, if that's the case, then you must make the experience more comfortable for yourself with the Elite Strap, included in this special promo pack!

The Quest 2: Power Bundle

You haven't even dived in yet and you already can't get enough of the virtual world! And what's that, you want to use the Quest 2 wirelessly? Well, then, a bigger battery is just what the doctor ordered! And this pack is all about that: a more comfortable strap that has some extra juice to offer for the Quest 2's battery life and it also comes with a carrying case, so that you can keep your headset snug and safe.

The Quest 2: Starter Bundle

If you're like me then you just love carrying around your favorite gadgets with you wherever you go. And this starter bundle will allow you to do just that! It includes a special carrying case that will not only protect your Quest 2, but will allow you to carry it around in style.

So, what can you expect in terms of savings and discounts? To be completely honest: Meta rarely puts the Quest 2 on discount, even during massive online shopping events like Black Friday or Prime Day. That being said, the Quest 2 did receive a permanent price decrease when the Quest 3 came out, so it's current price is pretty fair, all things considered. 

What are the Meta Quest 2 Bundles?

In the past, Meta offered the Quest 2 with different accessories and even games, but nowadays, the company has narrowed things down to four great bundle choices. All of them offer the Quest 2 headset itself, along with a specific set of accessories:

  • Starter: comes with a carrying case
  • Active: comes with better controller grips and a facial interface, which is easier to clean
  • Comfort: comes with the Elite Strap, which enhances comfort
  • Power: comes with a special version of the Elite Strap, which amps up the battery capacity of the Quest 2 and with a carrying case

So which one is best for you? Well, the great news is that they all save you a bit of money, so you're better off picking up a bundle than not, especially if you're interested in any of the accessories. And trust me: you're going to need a carrying case, because the Quest 2's box is kind of uncomfortable to deal with all the time. 

As such, my personal recommendation is the Starter Bundle, but if you have the money to spend: the Power Bundle makes the most sense, since it also comes with a better headstrap. 

Which Quest 2 storage option should I get?

The Quest 2 comes with two storage options that you can choose from: 

  • 128GB
  • 256GB

And here's the deal with storage: games are getting bigger and that's primarily because Meta won't let developers make and publish headset-specific versions of their creations. This means that even if the Quest 2 can't take advantage of 4K textures, you get to download them all the same. As such, if you can afford spending the extra cash, getting the 256GB version makes the most sense. 

Are Meta Quest 2 deals worth it?

Yes, for two reasons:

  • VR, and XR in general, is about to become a big deal in 2024 and moving forward, so it's good for you to know what it is about
  • Meta rarely presents it's fans with any extra-spicy discounts, so waiting around for those will probably get you nowhere

As such, Meta's Bundle offers for the Quest 2 are probably your best bet and if you want to try VR for yourself, without breaking the bank, the Quest 2 is certainly your best option. 

Can I get a discount if I buy the Meta Quest 2 bundle with accessories?

Yes! The Quest 2 comes in four different Bundle options, each of which offering a unique set of accessories. If you were to get the headset itself along with that same accessory, the price would always be higher. As such, getting a bundle is the most logical choice.

That being said, you can't combine bundles, meaning that if you want a single headset, but two sets of accessories, you can't expect a discount. But Meta has some postings for different accessory combos too, so maybe you'll get lucky. Make sure to check those out via browsing the details of the existing bundle deals. 

Will the Meta Quest 2 go down in price?

After the Quest 3 released, the Quest 2 and Quest Pro both got permanent price decreases, making them more affordable than ever. And that's a good thing, since Meta rarely offers single deal offers on any of it's headsets! As such, now is as good of a time as any to invest in a Quest 2 headset. 

What is the best time to buy the Meta Quest 2?

Sure: you can get lucky and find some rare deals on Quest 2 headsets during Black Friday, Cyber Monday or Prime Day. But the key word here is "rare" for sure, because it really doesn't happen that often. And historically, said offers haven't been with any astoundingly deep price cuts of 25% or more, so if you were hoping to wait for a shopping event in order to save some cash when buying a Quest 2, I wouldn't hold my breath. 

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