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What does Verizon's elimination of "New Every Two" and "Annual Upgrade" mean for you?

Posted: , by FAUguy

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What does Verizon's elimination of
Earlier this month we got wind that Verizon was eliminating their popular New Every Two (NE2) program and Annual Upgrade program on January 16th. Then yesterday this was confirmed as was reported by the Wall Street Journal. So what does this mean for you...if you are a current Verizon customer, or are looking to become one? We have four scenarios below to help explain this:

1) If a current Verizon customer who has a NE2 credit purchases a new phone
before Jan 16 and resigns a 2-year contract, they will get that phone at the 2-year
promotional price and their NE2 credit will be applied on the purchase. They will also be ‘grandfathered’
into the NE2 program one more time and can use that credit in two years (Jan 2013)
when buying a new phone when signing another 2-year contract.
After that, they will no longer receive a NE2 credit, but will continue to receive
2-year promotional discounts on phones after they are 20-months into their 2-year contract.
2) If a current Verizon customer who has a NE2 credit waits and purchases a new phone
on or after Jan 16 (including the iPhone 4, Droid Bionic, etc) and resigns a 2-year contract,
they will get that phone at the 2-year promotional price and their NE2 credit will be applied on the purchase.
Then in 20-months they can then buy a new phone again at the 2-year promotional pricing,
but there is no longer a NE2 discount.
3) If a new Verizon customer signs a 2-year contract before Jan 16, they will get
that phone at the 2-year promotional pricing and will be enrolled in the NE2 program.
Then in two years if they resign a 2-year contract, they can purchase a new phone
at 2-year promotional pricing and will receive their NE2 credit on that purchase.
After that, no further NE2 credits will be given, but the customer will continue to receive
2-year promotional discounts on phones after they are 20-months into their 2-year contract.
4) If a new Verizon customer signs a 2-year contract on or after Jan 16, they will get
that phone (such as the iPhone 4, Droid Bionic, etc) at the 2-year promotional pricing, but
will not be enrolled in the NE2 program. Then after 20-months they can then resign another
2-year contract and purchase new phone at the 2-year promotional pricing.

Hopefully this helps to clarify things, as some people were under the impression that Verizon was also getting rid of their 2-year and 1-year promotional prices. This is not the case. Verizon will continue to offer 2-year promotion phone pricing after you are 20-months into the 2-year contract, and 1-year promotional pricing after you are 10-months into the 1-year contract. However, the "Annual Upgrade" program will end on Jan 16, that allowed you to get a 2-year phone discount price when you are only 13-months into a 2-year contract. Now you'll have to wait until the 20th month.

Let us know what you think about this in the Comment section below.

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posted on 14 Jan 2011, 10:06

1. jim1969 (unregistered)

Will the iPhone 4 be available on a 1 year contract? I don't see that anywhere.

posted on 14 Jan 2011, 10:17 1

2. narley (Posts: 357; Member since: 14 May 2009)

not that we're aware of yet. we dont even know the full retail cost at this point.

posted on 14 Jan 2011, 10:22

3. shellnick2003 (Posts: 17; Member since: 23 Jun 2010)

It prolly will. It would be more money, of course.

posted on 01 Feb 2011, 18:05

75. justsayin.. (unregistered)

No. It will only be available on a 2 year contract or for purchse at full retail.

posted on 14 Jan 2011, 10:46

4. tuminatr (Posts: 773; Member since: 23 Feb 2009)

How does this compare to the other cell companies? I have Verizon so are they just making there policy like everyone else or?

posted on 14 Jan 2011, 10:58

6. VZW Guy (unregistered)

Verizon was the only company to offer NE2 to current customers. It was to add a competitive advantage. VZW didn't have the phone line up that other carriers had, so they developed Annual Upgrades and NE2. Now that Verizon is a leader in service and devices (LTE, Iphone, tablets, droids) they have to redevelop their offerings. Customers will start to receive special promotions via mail and email when they are able to upgrade. So if a rep ask for your email, its not so that the company can spam you.

posted on 14 Jan 2011, 12:34

13. JeffdaBeat (unregistered)

That didn't answer the question at all. I think Tuminatr wanted an explaination of what New Every Two was and how it is different from a standard upgrade, which also happens every two years.

posted on 14 Jan 2011, 13:33

17. dpullen81 (Posts: 13; Member since: 31 Dec 2010)

new every two program offered existing customers on single line plans or primary lines of a share plan an additional discount off of the 2 yr promo price exp.- 100, 50 or 30 dollars (depending on price plan)

annual upgrade would offer exactly what it says... on a 2 yr contract you can upgrade at 12 months.

this program was what set verizon apart from other companies so to answer the question.. verizon will now have the same pricing/ upgrade program as other carriers.

posted on 14 Jan 2011, 14:06

19. thomas1215 (Posts: 8; Member since: 30 Mar 2010)

Ok yeah he miss spelled a few things but the point is, as a customer you have options. if you dont want to sign a contract with verizon go else where. no one is making you sign with them. whats so hard about that concept

posted on 14 Jan 2011, 10:57

5. remixfa (Posts: 14255; Member since: 19 Dec 2008)

it makes it the same as other companies.
The difference is, your paying 1k-2k more for your VZW service over 2 years than say sprint or tmobile, and now u dont even get the phone benifit. Thats going to make a lot of people mad.

posted on 14 Jan 2011, 11:02 1

7. VZW Guy (unregistered)

Consumers...seriously. No one puts a gun to peoples heads and tells them to re-sign their contract. Obviously, people choose Verizon for a reason. We welcome our competition in the market, otherwise there would be a monopoly. We aim to satisfy every customer, but it won't happen every time. You can expect a supreme network at Sprint's prices. If a company competes on price its because they don't plan on investing much money into their product. Same with Sprint and T-mobile. It is economically impossible.

posted on 14 Jan 2011, 12:33 1

12. JeffdaBeat (unregistered)

Dude...seriously...stop drinking the corporate koolaid or at least cut back. Also I'd read over a post before you submit it. You just said I can expecte supreme network at Sprint's prices...which would justify what the poster above you said.

posted on 14 Jan 2011, 14:07

20. thomas1215 (Posts: 8; Member since: 30 Mar 2010)

Ok yeah he miss spelled a few things but the point is, as a customer you have options. if you dont want to sign a contract with verizon go else where. no one is making you sign with them. whats so hard about that concept

posted on 14 Jan 2011, 14:50

26. JeffdaBeat (unregistered)

...it's "misspelled"

Remixfa was only giving his opinion which he is completely entitled to. He is only saying that Verizon charges more money for service when service from Sprint is just as good. Whether it is actually just as good is anyone's opinion as well. Yes, consumers have a choice, but I don't think his arguement was the lack of choice, but more so that when you get Verizon, you're paying for name not function. Kind of like buying name brand jeans. They do the same thing and sometimes, look just as nice as other jeans, but you pay for the name...at least that's what I'm getting.

But again, he wasn't arguing the lack of choice because obviously, there is a choice.

Now I won't say that I agree with him. There is a huge difference between service on Verizon compared to T-Mobile. But if you live in the city, most of the carriers will work just fine. But if you want to pay extra to call out in the country...that's also just fine.

posted on 17 Jan 2011, 10:42 1

60. taylor (unregistered)

When it comes to the "4g" networks that every one has. the reason for the " is that no one does. 100 meg connection minimum. So sprint Wimax tech sucks. T-mobiles HSPA+ just a 3g network on its limits. Why do you think at&t is using HSPA+ but will be switching to LTE just like Verizon already has? You pay for what you get. Also spectums are important, Wimax running at of 2.5 gigs and LTE at 700 meg. Service in side buildings will be way better

posted on 14 Jan 2011, 14:08 1

21. wilocrek (unregistered)

Your so called "supreme network" was rated by Consumer Reports a 74 with Sprint a 73. So if you actually think that Verizons network is worth spending 40% more on than you really are a idiot.

posted on 15 Jan 2011, 11:50 1

36. doubleD (Posts: 78; Member since: 13 Dec 2010)

Depending on where you live, YES. Consumer Reports rates major cities, not rural areas. Where I live Verizon is the only company that has a consistent and reliable signal. So I can save money and not be able to use my phone, or pay a premium for a service that actually works. Don't assume everyone's coverage is the same as yours. I don't think Sprint/ATT/TMobile/etc. have bad service for everyone just because their service is bad in my area. Buy what works best for YOU.

posted on 17 Jan 2011, 14:03 1

61. tragichero (Posts: 163; Member since: 07 Jan 2011)

that consumer report is outdated not including verizons LTE. plus sprint doesnt have an iphone or the android line up verizon does. sure they got the evo and the evo shift but that doesnt even contest verizons line up. basically what im saying is that you pay for the network AND everything else that comes with it (phones, customer service, etc). i have to say that opposed to other cell phone carriers ive worked for (including sprint) verizon also has the best customer service.

posted on 17 Jan 2011, 19:02

64. Aztrokat (unregistered)

So, rating Verizon's LTE network is important to do before they put out any phones for LTE?

posted on 19 Jan 2011, 12:10

67. AD430886 (unregistered)

First of all, why does anyone still want an iphone? I had one in like 07 hahahaha they have mildly improved the phone since then. Android is far better providing your inteligent enough to mantain it. You need to get your facts straight because both the evo and epic are rated over anything Verizon has.

posted on 14 Jan 2011, 11:10 1

8. Droid_X_Doug (Posts: 5993; Member since: 22 Dec 2010)

One year contract. I signed up my Droid X for only $70 more than the cost for a 2 year contract.

posted on 14 Jan 2011, 12:22

9. compassstl (unregistered)

So basically Verizon is making people wait 2 months longer than AT&T or T-Mobile to do upgrades, with the exception that AT&T sometimes has iPhone users on a family plan that aren't the primary number wait up to 20 months instead of 18. Plus AT&T lets you do early upgrades as early as 6 months into contract if you don't have an iphone. Sounds like Verizon is making everyone bend over and meet the same rules as apple imposes for the iphone on AT&T.

posted on 14 Jan 2011, 12:25

10. jst4thoughts (unregistered)

so what happens to the idiots that dont sign up for insurance and they mess up their phone and is not covered under warranty? are they just screwed and have to buy a new phone at full retail? i feel this is a bad move for vzw. this is what kept me from going to a different company. i am the type of person that likes to get new phones every year. i guess craigslist and ebay are going to get popular again.

posted on 14 Jan 2011, 14:38 2

22. dpullen81 (Posts: 13; Member since: 31 Dec 2010)

same thing that happens to you when you wreck your car and didnt get insurance... pay more for the phone and sign a 1yr contract and you should be good to go

posted on 14 Jan 2011, 15:14 1

27. stilt (Posts: 63; Member since: 13 Jul 2008)

people dont know this but is you have verizon service and you dont have insurance and you loss, water damage, got stole, or break your phone which doesnt fall under warranty they will offer you a certified pre own phone they have a good selection of smartphone and regular phone for waaaayyy cheaper than full retail price and they come with one warranty "not insurance" warranty. and why would you get a smartphone without a insurance plan, cause yeah its whatever amount a year, but how many time do you spend 5 to 7 dollars on BS every month anyway??? people never think about that "oh let me buy this ""organic"" tomatoe from the farmers market over the regular just as healthy if not more healthier tomatoe" , but then when asked if they want insurance on there device they say " THATS $72 a yr, no way but then there dog chews there phone after they just spent $800 cause all four tires went flat at the same time and you're not eligible for upgrade and you dont want to pay $599.99 for a new device at retail, to me paying $39 for regular phone or $89 for smartphone is the smartest chose. but you cant tell CUSTOMERs nothing. and no one cares that you have been with the company over 8 yrs and you are always on time, (you dont see your bank saying " oh you have paid your mortgage on time for 16 yrs you dont have to pay the next three payment cause you are such a good customer" wake up people!
im a little mad that the NE2 is leaving cause as a salemen that was a good tool to get people to make the decision to get a higher priced smartphone. People sign contracts cause they want the devices to be cheaper point blank people always say well i'll just leave the other company has this or that, well leave then you will be coming right back after you see that the signal coverage and customer service isnt as good as VZW and high tail it right back, i did the same thing with verizon i left to go to HELIO to get that nice ocean phone they had and everything was 79.99 for unlimited everything i was hell yeah bye bye VZW. I had HELIO for 6 days and came right back to VZW i dropped calls everywhere and couldnt get a signal to use my unlimited data plan or unlimited minutes with no signal in the places i was the most or the place that im not usually at but need to use my phone when im there. yeah im not in my shed replacing cabinet all the time but when im on the laddar holding up something and i need to use my free hand to call in the house to tell my wife to send out my son to help me hammer a nail but i dont have a signal so i have to get off the laddar walk to the house then go back out and lift the stuff again. It make you say to yourself why do i pay any amount for any company if i cant use it absolutely everytime i want to use it in whatever place, enviroment ,situation or whatever the case may be.
and people stop crying about "oh it a reburbished phone that they sent as far as you know the original could have been a replacment. stop crying

posted on 15 Jan 2011, 00:16 1

31. JeffdaBeat (unregistered)

Paragraphs are awesome...

posted on 17 Jan 2011, 14:09 1

62. tragichero (Posts: 163; Member since: 07 Jan 2011)

im sorry... im just not going to read all this... so ill some it up with what i think your trying to say. VERIZON IS STILL THE BEST CARRIER! good enough?

posted on 14 Jan 2011, 12:26

11. WHAT???? (unregistered)

"A simpler program is being introduced to replace the 10-year-old New Every Two® and Annual Upgrade programs."

A simpler program? It's the same exact program as before except VZW is just taking away the NE2 and the annual upgrade (upgrade after 12 months if on 2 year contract with new 2 year price). Those were the best 2 parts. You have always been able to upgrade after 10 months on a 1 year and 20 months on a 2 year - always! I know this is how every carrier does it. But calling it simpler? Come on.

posted on 14 Jan 2011, 12:49 3

14. perwilly (unregistered)

Thanks, that helps to confirm what I was thinking. I fall into the #2 scenario, and the credit of $50 isnt a big deal to me. Oh sure, it helps but it's not a deal killer for me. I hold on to my phone for the full 2 years anyway, so whie the change is disappointing, I prefer VZW's service and will stay.

posted on 14 Jan 2011, 13:01 1

15. newfdog 13 (Posts: 64; Member since: 06 Mar 2010)

It means that now Verizon thinks it has such big balls so as not to care about customer loyalty. I've had my service with them for 14 years now, and have watched as they deteriorated in their treatment of "loyal" customers. They had VIP programs that were ditched without telling the VIPs. They had a credit for $100 for the New Every Two that fell to $50 without telling. They used to have a New Every Two on secondary lines that also disappeared without telling customers.

Now the only difference is they realized they needed to tell us as they jack us. Thanks a lot Verizon.

posted on 14 Jan 2011, 13:31

16. shellnick2003 (Posts: 17; Member since: 23 Jun 2010)

That is soooo true. WTH happened to the VIP program? And I remember finding out about the NE2 being gone on the secondary lines when my mom wanted to upgrade her phone and use her credit. They informed her that was only for the primary line. Huh? Since when? Guess we missed that memo.

I'm not too dissappointed with the NE2 being gone. I'm more sad about the early upgrade program. I like upgrading every year and I don't want to have to pay extra for the 1 year contract.

posted on 14 Jan 2011, 14:42 3

23. narley (Posts: 357; Member since: 14 May 2009)

so S#IT or get off the pot...

sounds like you're two faced for stabbing someone in the back whos obviously provided you good service to stay with them for 14 years...

posted on 14 Jan 2011, 14:43 1

24. meesh (unregistered)

Actually the prices of phones and plans have dropped quite alot in the last few years so there isn't as much of a need for NE2 credits. They send out letters saying the changes that happen and they change the names of their programs all the time. They used to have the Merits program and discontinued it for the VIP program. Verizon hasn't officially announced what is taking its place, usually they have a balancing act. My guess is when they said special promotions it will be similar to the smartphone promo about 8 months ago( they let anyone that did not have a smartphone and had their current phone for longer than 6 months upgrade to any smartphone). They will probably pick and choose people to upgrade here and there.

posted on 15 Jan 2011, 12:11 3

37. dpullen81 (Posts: 13; Member since: 31 Dec 2010)

you r crying because they let you get an extra discount that no other company offered for 14 years and now they are offering the same price as everyone elae except giving you better customer service and better coverage. give me a break. im happy that they gave me extra off my phone for so long and am happy to stay for the good coverage... plus as already mentioned above, the average phone price has dropped a lot in the last 5 years alone. you mentioned that they arent being loyal to customers... well read the reviews pal cause vzw was just rated highest in cust satisfaction.

posted on 15 Jan 2011, 19:50 1

43. VZW IPHONE (unregistered)

If you looked at your VIP card it told you that it expired on feb2010. So they didn't need to remind you when it was on your VIP card. Also, NE2 is going aways so they can lower plans and drop phone prices.

posted on 14 Jan 2011, 14:01

18. Henzapper (unregistered)

What I'm wondering is, are current Verizon customers still getting the early upgrade? I've been on Verizon since June, so according to early upgrade, I'm able to get a new phone this upcoming June.

But are the early upgrades only cancelled for new subscribers? Or do current subscribers lose that?

posted on 14 Jan 2011, 14:43

25. narley (Posts: 357; Member since: 14 May 2009)

you're early upgrade will still be there. as long as you didnt earn it by upgrading after january 16 this year is all it means...

posted on 15 Jan 2011, 19:51

44. VZW IPHONE (unregistered)

Not true, as of Jan 16 early upgrades go away if they are not used. NE2 will stick untill used.

posted on 17 Jan 2011, 08:25

56. jtm1208 (Posts: 37; Member since: 16 Jun 2009)

you are incorrect. If you have an annual upgrade it will be there until you upgrade. Once you upgrade after janurary 16, you will be eligble for an upgrade at 20 months instead of 12, however people with annuals now keep them

posted on 23 Jan 2011, 00:20

72. Angi (unregistered)

Guess your in the same boat as me but if I had missed it by months like you I wouldn't be as disappointed. I missed getting my early upgrade by 3 days!!!! If you started a 2 yr. contract after Jan. 16, 2010 then your out of luck for an annual upgrade! Yes we lose it. I lost it by 3 days.........3 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UGGH!!!! Am I the only one that close?!?!?!?!?

posted on 14 Jan 2011, 19:27

28. joey18 (Posts: 589; Member since: 20 Jul 2010)

2 years ,,,,,350 termination f ,,,,,,i believe sho be 1 year for the price

posted on 14 Jan 2011, 21:06

29. Mondo (unregistered)

I won't be staying with them after my renewal is up, it's stupid to limit the upgrade options when the pace of innovation is moving so rapidly, by the time I can upgrade quad core phones will be the norm. This is the second time that I felt that Verizon screwed me, I should have switched the first time.

posted on 14 Jan 2011, 22:55

30. bacodeez (unregistered)

The bigest ? is will the sales people be paid for the "special promo" upgrades. The level of service is directly related to if the sales people are getting something out of the deal as well. (looking back to all of the alltell upgrades when the purchase became offical). The sales people got effed.

posted on 15 Jan 2011, 07:45

32. Celltech (unregistered)

It is sad to see a good program go that benefits its customers and rewards them for staying with the company. Many company's lose focus on the customers. I am curious to see that with everyone's responses one company that does stand out from the rest is not mentioned. In case you haven't heard and in case it is ava in your area U.S Cellular has a great reward and upgrade program for their customers and after your first contract you never have to sign again. I truly enjoy their coverage and have never once even had a dropped call. In a world where all that matters is money and who has the hottest technology, it still amazes me that a company as bis as them can offer such a customer focused attitude while their competition is dropping such programs

posted on 15 Jan 2011, 09:45

33. Mav (unregistered)

I have been with verizon for over 10 years now and always loved the company for their supreme customer service and great plans (including early upgrades). With those new changes coming up, expecially no option for an early upgrades till you are 20 months into the 2 year contract, I am very dissapointed with verizon and might have to switch to other company. I just dont understand what benefit verizon is getting by not allowing customers to upgrade their phone after 1 year of 2 year contract. I thing it would benefit everybody - customers get their new phone, and verizon makes money on the sold phone and gets to keep that customer for additional one year (since they have to sign a new 2 year contract). This is in my opinion the worse move verizon ever did......... specially now days with technology moving forward sooo fast, and new phones coming out with better technology almost every month.... Wait 20 MONTHS for a new phone ?!?!?!?!? thats way tooo long for me....shame on you VERIZON !!!!!!

posted on 15 Jan 2011, 09:55 1

34. Kimberley (unregistered)

US Cellular let's you upgrade at every 18 months!!!

posted on 15 Jan 2011, 10:38

35. Happy Camper (unregistered)

If I am a current customer and if I buy a phone today on the 15th, I know I am re-enrolled in the NE2, but will I also have the option of the early upgrade in a year from now one more time?

posted on 15 Jan 2011, 19:53

45. VZW IPHONE (unregistered)

NO you will not

posted on 23 Jan 2011, 00:33

73. Angi (unregistered)

NO! I started my 2 yr. contract on Jan. 19,2010 and was due my annual upgrade on that day this year and was overjoyed, have been reading reviews and making plans to get my new phone. I went to a verizon store in Nov. 2010 and was told to come back Jan. 19,2011 and I could get my early upgrade then I heard this news on or about Jan. 12,2011 so I visited the store and was told I was no longer eligible for that now due to missing the deadline of Jan. 16 and so I called verizon and got the same thing. I missed it by three days!!!! This all = broken heart for this smartphone junkie!

posted on 15 Jan 2011, 13:35 1

38. SellPhoneSalesGuy (unregistered)


I have been a manager for every cell phone carrier, if you count the big ones, over the last 9 years. I will never own a Verizon phone due to their higher cost for plans, very minimal coverage difference to Sprint, $350 ETF, now lack of upgrade options, etc...

Verizon FANBOYS are worse than APPLE Fanboys, both praise products that offer less than competition but at higher prices. It's embarrassing seeing how uneducated people are and how this BRAND BS overtakes most Americans' common sense.

I have sold for ATT for years (also Sprint, T-mo and Verizon, but that isnt the point here) and every non-apple-slurping sales person knows how BS the iPhone is and how many issues the phone has. (poor reception, poor sound quality, BASIC menus w/ little customization options, no affordable Insurance options, poor apple customer service, etc...) This whole VERIZON slurping is even worse than these issues.

Let's justify paying several thousand dollars difference from one CDMA carrier over the other for serivce, plus higher ETF, plus lose upgrade options all so you can tell your friends "HEY LOOK AT ME I HAVE VERIZON"...And I love when people come into one of my multi-carrier stores and says stuff like "Give me a free $600 phone or Ill cancel and go to Verizon"...what does that mean? It means you're a moron that wants to pay an ETF plus cost of a new phone, to get into a contract with higher prices, higher etf's, and less flexibility with upgrades...So all youre proving to everyone is that you are REALLY REALLY bad at managing your money and making smart choices.

Cell phone consumers annoy the hell out of me with their lack of common sense...please stop making yourselves look like fools!

posted on 15 Jan 2011, 14:41

39. cowsrockalot (Posts: 34; Member since: 02 Nov 2009)

What is new every two?

posted on 15 Jan 2011, 14:49 1

40. Pantomime00 (unregistered)

Verizon is number 1.... Sprint doesn't compare. The unofficial 4th quarter results are in and it looks like Sprint lost half a million customers.. Not to good of a network if you ask me if you're losing that many customers...

posted on 15 Jan 2011, 15:56

41. jayme (Posts: 36; Member since: 10 Jan 2011)

New and improved?
If Verizon is simply falling in line with thier competition in terms of eligibility for up grade my question is this........who are you going to subscribe too? Seriously some of you are really stupid. Mind you ignorance is not the same as stupid so if you just dont know maybe you could find out. ITS CALLED RESEARCH! I am seriously sick and tired of "I am eligible for my free phone, give me a Droid/iPhone/B.B." When i go to get my next car I am going to ask for my free ferrarri and not even be a little bit suprised when I get laughed out the door. As far as you upgrade eligibility, just get one year pricing. If you really need the next best thing pay a little extra and get it at the 10 month point and shut the hell up about it already. And by the way ATT's pricing structure is almost identical to Verizons with the exclusion of data plans, as I understand it they no longer offer an unlimited plan, so after a day of use you wont be able to use your precious iPhone without incurring signifigant usage overages. Sprint, well just look at thier losses over the last few years, if McDonalds sold shitty burgers they wouldnt have customers either. The truth is what works for you will not work for every body but at least try to find out something about the services your looking at getting rather than just go off half cocked because someone wont give you a $600 smart phone to replace the one your kid threw down the disposal, and you were too smart to get insurance. (what a scam eh.) The fact is these phones are expensive so insure them and be prepared to pay for them. As far as Verizon taking the almighty dump on its customers, I for one will continue to eat said shit and like it, when my girlfriend is stuck by the side of the road in the middle of the night in BFE, I know she can call me, or a towtruck and I dont have to worry about my family.

posted on 17 Jan 2011, 10:24 1

58. vzwservesmewell (Posts: 29; Member since: 05 May 2010)

Although this post is a bit vulgar, Jayme's point is clear. Consumers are becoming very entitled in this country. It's not just with cell phones but in terms of cell phones its important we understand there are no FREE phones, Ever! Yes you are a loyal customer and pay monthly (And you should be getting good service for all that money), but that doesn't Entitle you to a Free Smartphone. In this country where cell phones are carrier driven there is a trade off. You sign a contract and the carriers Majorly subsidize the cost of equipment. Many places in the world require you to buy a sim card, buy minutes/text/data, then pay a TON for the phone with no contract... We have it pretty good as far as the prices we pay for these marvels of technology.

posted on 15 Jan 2011, 18:14

42. yeager (unregistered)

verizon is a controling network if i wanna spend the money y not let me upgrade i alreadyn spend 250 dollars a month for my so calles smart phones that freeze all the time

posted on 15 Jan 2011, 19:56

46. VZW IPHONE (unregistered)

A company is in business to make money and for no other reasons. They lose money when they sell a phone so they want enough time to make the profits they expect and that the share holders expect.

posted on 16 Jan 2011, 10:53

47. light (unregistered)

No two year contract etc.? that's because they found annother way to get to your pocket your fools. we are talking VERIZON here

posted on 16 Jan 2011, 11:04

48. light (unregistered)

no NE2/Upgrade? etc. wake up out there! you fools,we talking VERIZON here! they must have figured out annother way to get to your pocket!

posted on 16 Jan 2011, 11:37

49. downphoenix (Posts: 3165; Member since: 19 Jun 2010)

this trend is going to continue with other carrier rewards programs. Sprint announced they are changing the Premier Program to where you have to get a higher rate plan to get the yearly upgrade. I am pretty ticked at them. I will probably switch to US Cellular when my contract is up unless there are other positive changes to make me want to wait longer for a new phone like improvements to plans, better upgrading benefits at the 1 yr mark, etc. and also assuming US Cellular doesn't back away from its program.

posted on 16 Jan 2011, 12:33

50. droque87 (unregistered)

you can sign a one year contract, and get a new phone every 10 months people..................... thats sweet.

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