Verizon is ditching its New Every Two upgrade program on January 16th

Verizon is ditching its New Every Two upgrade program on January 16th
Well, it surely had a good run and will undoubtedly be missed, but Verizon plans on closing the curtains for good on its New Every Two upgrade program; January 16th to be specific. Needless to say that long time faithful customers will probably missed it the most, but for those aiming to jump aboard Big Red for its new iPhone 4 next month, it's not going to matter much for them.

For those who aren't aware about the program, it essentially provided customers credits for new devices which range in the amounts of $30 to $100 once they've reached their qualified upgrade period. Luckily, current customers will be grandfathered to the plan if they haven't used their New Every Two credit, but once they upgrade their handset and use it, they will no longer become eligible for it.

This new move follows after Verizon's recent transition, which previously allowed discounts on handsets for its customers after 13 months into their contract, to its current wait period of 20 months. So when you go into a store and use that credit, just know that it'll be the last time you'll ever see something like it.

source: Wall Street Journal via SlashGear



1. Tottenham

Posts: 86; Member since: Jan 05, 2011

Big Red is getting a little too cocky. They already charge as much, if not more than every other carrier. The New Every Two is one of the few perks (aside from above average service) that repays its loyal subscribers with subsidizes phones. Now that will be gone. And while we're on the subject, why do (non-subsidized) cell phones cost so much. No other mass-produced consumer electronics of this caliber cost anywhere near the range of cell phones. It's all a racket.

5. Heywood G unregistered

Here's the thing: VZW told me 20 months ago that my next NE2 bonus would be my last. Get it? We VZW customers have known about this for since 2008.

14. Tottenham

Posts: 86; Member since: Jan 05, 2011

My wife upgraded to the DroidX and I to the Fascinate (which I returned) in October, and not one word that this would be the last NE2 upgrade offered. I can't comment on what you say you were told 20 months ago, but it seems remarkable that Verizon would have begun to put this policy into place almost 2 years ago without it coming to the attention of the masses.

2. cowboy21 unregistered

As a verizon wireless customer service employee, I find it very strange that vzw would take away the NE2, alot of the calls that I take every day are of people wanting to upgrade their phone, and with our phone prices as high as they are, this really helps out alot of people in todays world, I have saved alot of customers from leaving VZW because they didnt know they had that bonus, I really hope that VZW can come out with a program that is just as good as the NE2or better, and while im here, we really need to get better save offers!

3. ukfan15

Posts: 14; Member since: Jul 02, 2010

With their phone prices so high?!? You're kidding me right? Phone prices are WAY cheaper than they ever used to be and Verizon consistently drops their pants on phone pricing. Customers only think prices are high because they have been conditioned to think they should be able to get ANY PHONE FOR FREE. Well, if you want to continue to get top coverage and service, and want the top of the line phone, you should pay a top of the line price, just as with anything else in this world.

18. Doomdeedoom unregistered

Vzw's prices for just a phone are extremely high. You're looking at the prices that you pay for a new two year agreement, which is what the are getting rid of. Vzw does have the best service around, however, their prices are significantly more expensive thanother carriers. To pay a more expensive phone bill for better service is a good deal but to pay a more expensive phone bill AND for an over priced phone is asking way too much. Verizon has always "been dropping their pants on phone prices", and now that is what theyre getting rid of. Welcome to paying $500 to$800 a phone!

21. ukfan15

Posts: 14; Member since: Jul 02, 2010

$500 to $800 a phone?!?! Please tell me where you see that... The most expensive phone Verizon carries is $199.99 for a TOP OF THE LINE PHONE. Everything else is under $100. Do you think these phones just appear out of thin air? You know they have to be manufactured (costs $) , then a vendor purchases from the manufacturer (costs $), then they are sold to Verizon so they can sell them (costs $). That's the problem with people in this country, they expect everything to be dirt cheap. You must work for a company that just gives everything away for free right?

4. somedude unregistered

if carriers stop providing subsidized phones then people will stop putting up with 1 and 2 year contracts. it already happened with fios where i live. people woudn't switch to fios because signing up for 2 years wasn't worth it. i know i didn't switch to fios until they stopped making that required.

6. trin

Posts: 88; Member since: May 11, 2010

1, Verizon isn't forcing anyone to sign up or stay with it's uber "expensive" or "horrible to average service". 2. You have three options when signing up for/renewing svc. (droidX for eg) 2yr price=200.00; 1yr=270.00, No contract=560.00 3. People want 5-8megapixel cameras w/720p video recorders, maps n gps nav, web browser with home look feel n speed(unlimited use, eff if i need unlim or not), mp3/dvd player n movie downloader, e-readers, snes+lvl gaming etc etc for practivally nuthin. c'mon..really? 4. From what I understand talking to my rep they are still going to send mailers and email offers to customers. corporate and small business customers may be exempt from these changes.

19. Doomdeedoom unregistered

The problem people are complaining about is what you said in you second point. Those three pricing options are going away. You cnt get the pricing for the two year or one year. All phone prices will be switched to the no contract price... You wll no longer be able to get the droid x for 200 to 270, you will have to pay 560 now...

20. thisisme unregistered

That's not what this article is saying at all. It is saying Verizon is ending the $30 to $100 discount you would receive off of the 2-year contract price of a new phone after owning your previous phone for 2 years.

7. hawk62

Posts: 320; Member since: Nov 21, 2009

Just switch when contract up. Then go right back. Vz begs u to come back with offers.

8. awesome9383 unregistered

Good bye Verizon Corporate Stores. Verizon, much like ATT, will more than likely be closing corporate stores and allowing 3rd party retailers to take over. It costs Verizon less money and will allow similar discounts to ne2. Best Buy Mobile, Target, Wal-mart are going to change the way we buy phones. No more mail-in rebates and cheaper prices on handsets. Sounds good to me, corporate stores no longer have any advantages, its just evening the playing field.

22. ukfan15

Posts: 14; Member since: Jul 02, 2010

Try buying a phone from Walmart, they ask you for your phone number, dial a code on the phone and then hand it to you. Want to know how it works? Oh, I'm sorry I don't know. Want your information transferred? Oh wait, they don't know how to do that. Want your email setup? Again, don't know how to do that either... I don't work for Corporate but I work for a retailer that is not a big box like Walmart and its laughable the people they have selling phones there. They can't tell you anything about the phone or how to work it. So you buy there and then come to my store and expect me to teach you everything and do everything for FREE. HA! Not gonna happen!

9. Lexmark unregistered

So we can still use our upgrades after January 16th, but it will be our last one? I'm confused..

10. Kyle Beach unregistered

And so it begins! The dam reason the iPhone for Verizon is a terrible idea. Now Verizon thinks they are unstoppable and is gonna ram their high prices right up eveyrones asses.

11. mcdizzle unregistered

Man you people are ignorant. Do you know how much phone prices have REDUCED over the past several years? Several years ago, the average smartphone costed $300 - $400 with a two year contract. Now try to find one that costs more than $199 after rebate. Also, VZW has typically been known for offering very cheap prices on phones and a lot of Buy One Get One Free offers on upgrades.

12. Wukanator unregistered

People are dellusional. $199.99 after Mir is not a bad bet for a top of the line smartphone and top of the line service. Doesn't anybody remember 3 to 4 years ago when the razor was out with more then half the features of a high end smartphone. How much were peole paying for them? $ 299.99after mail in rebate. Vzw always has some bogo offer if buying 2 phones etc. Don't want to go through the rebates? Online option is always available or retailers like best buy etc. $30 to $100 isn't a lot . Vzw just spoiled a lot of the customers. Now the market is a lot more competitive. Always shop around between online retailers and corporate stores. Always different promos. If you want good customer service go to the corp store. If you want cheap prices online with self service options. If you want cheap prices and want somebody to help u with bad customer expedite go to best buy. Comment ton the person above about retailers revolutionizing the cell phone industry. That is not true. I agree that it cost a lot less to run one. But with people working there that do not have excellent customer exp and what happens when your phone has a problem past the 30 days lol. Somehow it always ends up back in to the Corp store. Vzw goal is for everyone to order the phone on their website so they don't have to pay any employees to sell a phone. You can be the sales rep for yourself and be smart enough to read instructions on how to activate a phone from home. How to get a replacement through thr mail without leaving home.

13. newfdog 13

Posts: 64; Member since: Mar 06, 2010

So much for loyalty. F/U again Verizon.

17. ReaverSpark unregistered

Loyalty to yourself and your pocket. You get what you pay for. You spend garbage money? You get garbage, whether it's in the product or the service.

15. jack hale unregistered

I'd like to know "officially" know where this policy change is stated on Verizon's website. Also, I am a Verizon customer and have received NO notification by any means from Verizon about a policy change.

16. pecemaloto

Posts: 23; Member since: Dec 17, 2010

u americans... come to eu- and have every phone for 0-cents,dollars whateva.. And then use ur saved money to travel back in time in the 90's when nokia patented everythin smart in the business, steal some, get back in reality and play hide"n"seek with mr jobs...

23. Falkon

Posts: 3; Member since: Jan 17, 2011

Wow alot of people are complaining, yes I think it sucks to I been with verizon as a service for over 8yrs now but I can understand were there coming from, look at the phones now back 8 yrs ago phones were cheap just plastic flips or candy bar phones now, you got phone coming with dual core cpu, gpu's and freaking desktop memory! I mean of course there getting to the point were the costing over 600.00 retail and with people get 100.00 off of 199.99 that means they just lost another 500.00 gained me by contract but still its understandble for people that are complaining dont buy a 199.99 droid x then go buy a cheap droid or something. and verizons droids are all in the same park as other companies look at sprints evo, and tmobiles everything is 199.99 verizon is just taking away there NE2 amount. not like there making it any different then what other companines are competing with... So I say it sucks! but im not gona cry that verizons overcharging for one hell of a phone I love my Droid X and ill spend the 199.99

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