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HTC Sensation plagued by touchscreen problems

Posted: , by Nick T.

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HTC Sensation plagued by touchscreen problems
So, you brought home your brand new HTC Sensation and took it out of the box with the intention to spend the rest of the evening playing with it. Gorgeous 4.3-inch qHD display, beautiful aluminum body, raw dual-core horsepower – you simply can't get enough of it. Then a week later, you get out of bed only to realize that your shiny smartphone is having problems with its touchscreen display.

If your HTC Sensation is acting up as well, then welcome to the club. As a matter of fact, a lot of Sensation owners are reporting issues with their smartphone's display, which becomes unresponsive after about a week of use and fails to register swipes most of the time. There is a pretty long thread over at XDA Developers (69 pages and counting) where the problem has been described thoroughly, yet a universal solution has yet to be arrived at. Some say that the device's stock charger is to blame while others think that a build-up of static electricity causes all the troubles, but the thing is that nobody can tell for sure.

When users tried contacting HTC for advice, the company's support team did not provide any kind of solution beyond performing a factory reset of the device, which doesn't seem to do the trick. Reportedly, replacing the smartphone with a brand new unit does not help either as those who tried that were facing the same problems in only about a week's time.

If you are an HTC Sensation owner yourself, drop a comment below and let us know whether your smartphone is affected as well. Spreading awareness of the problem might just be what it takes for HTC to come up with a solution in a timely manner.

Thanks, Mihai!

source: Android Police, XDA-Developers

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posted on 04 Aug 2011, 03:31 2

1. nuadar (unregistered)

Guess me and my friends are lucky :) no problems at all

posted on 04 Aug 2011, 08:38

15. android_hitman (unregistered)

same here

posted on 04 Aug 2011, 08:58

17. SuperAndroidEvo (Posts: 4839; Member since: 15 Apr 2011)

Hey I know I don't have a HTC Sensation, but I have the HTC Evo 3D & I don't have problems. I have had it a month now & still works great. My friend does have the HTC Sensation & he has no problem either. I just spoke to him after I read the article to see if he was affected. He is 100% fine with his phone. He got the phone when it came out. No issues there!

posted on 04 Aug 2011, 10:07 2

21. remixfa (Posts: 14255; Member since: 19 Dec 2008)

This is the first I've heard of it. Ill have to dig in a bit further over at XDA when I have more time. Havent had a single customer complaint on misbehaving Sensations yet.

posted on 04 Aug 2011, 12:11 1

32. remixfa (Posts: 14255; Member since: 19 Dec 2008)

ok.. after watching the video, the guy is barely touching the screen and flicking as fast as possible. He is also using the side of his thumb which has poor circulation and is not good for using a capacitive touch screen.

Redo this video without the barely touching stuff, and while using the flat part of your finger which gets much better circulation that the side by your fingernail. That video looks more like user error than it does a big problem.

If you have a real problem, you get it swapped in store for the first 30 days for a new device. Just take everything back to the store within the month and get a new on. If its outside of that you get a warranty replacement.

Glitches on first run phones are more common than if u wait a month or so. Its the same with any electronics. The "glory" of being the first one to have it and all.
No device is without first run defects.

That doesnt mean everyone gets them.. its always a small %, but the internet makes it look more pronounced.. lol

posted on 04 Aug 2011, 03:33

2. ifko (unregistered)

I have HTC Sensation since 2 months and never had such problems.

posted on 04 Aug 2011, 03:37 2

3. cheetah2k (Posts: 1579; Member since: 16 Jan 2011)

No problems here. I reckon this is user error not the screen.

posted on 04 Aug 2011, 03:42

4. badfx_77 (unregistered)

actualy i had my sensation for about 2 months now and i had no issues with it at all.the screen very respnsive .the camera is one of the best on a smartphone so far.great perfomance.even it's battery life is by far better than most single core phones.

posted on 04 Aug 2011, 03:47 1

5. dionddc (Posts: 129; Member since: 19 Jul 2011)

The guy can't even scroll it properly. He expects the phone to follow his movements whilst his finger is off the screen. He barely uses gestures and touches the device more of then than actually scrolling.

What an idiot.

posted on 04 Aug 2011, 03:54 2

6. calamazoo (unregistered)

did he take off the screen protector? :-)

posted on 04 Aug 2011, 04:07

7. bayhuy (Posts: 320; Member since: 23 Jun 2011)

No problems here...

posted on 04 Aug 2011, 04:08

8. anjahl (Posts: 7; Member since: 03 Oct 2010)

im on my second sensation, due to a bad micro usb port on the first, but i have had no screen issues at all.

posted on 04 Aug 2011, 04:24

9. kamen (Posts: 92; Member since: 18 Jul 2011)

This is not a news - this is a "user" trying to control the phone with his mind. Aside from that - yes, things break - that's what warranty comes for. Had this one tried actually TOUCHING the screen?
PhoneArena, come on, since when one video of a single device leads to a 'plagued" for all other devices.

posted on 04 Aug 2011, 05:04

10. WM6.5Sucks (Posts: 42; Member since: 06 Apr 2011)

Hmmm... I have similar problems with my HD2...

posted on 04 Aug 2011, 06:38

11. HTCiscool (Posts: 449; Member since: 16 Jul 2011)

Just my F**kn luck, should've got the myTouch 4G Slide :(

posted on 04 Aug 2011, 15:09

36. matistight (Posts: 440; Member since: 13 May 2009)

That sir, would be a worse decision. The phone isnt grounded. touch the headset speaker grill and it works. I had those problems, but now i don't. It takes time for this problem to show up and go away.

posted on 04 Aug 2011, 06:43 4

12. Sniggly (Posts: 7305; Member since: 05 Dec 2009)

I had the sensation for almost a week before I had to drop T-Mobile for coverage issues, and I don't recall having any problems whatsoever with the screen.

Know what I AM having issues with right now? Navigating your website on the phone. I keep having to refresh each page to get press to hold to work and trying to select a text field results in the screen jumping to the bottom of the page and bouncing back up while I type. No other website does this whatsoever, and the trouble persists across multiple phones. This only started a few days ago. And it's annoying as hell.

posted on 04 Aug 2011, 11:08

29. christianqwerty (Posts: 467; Member since: 05 May 2011)

My samsung Focus has had no problems with this site, it just takes a looong time for the login window to show, and to log in

posted on 04 Aug 2011, 18:32

41. box (unregistered)

Wow, T-Mobile coverage issues here? Been a while since I've heard that. Usually T-Mobile is where folks in St. Louis go for consistently good coverage. Ah well, good thing you had the buyer's remorse period to use.

posted on 04 Aug 2011, 19:27

42. Sniggly (Posts: 7305; Member since: 05 Dec 2009)

Well, it wasn't in the St. Louis area itself where I had the issues, but out at a place I frequent near Wright City was the major problem. St. Louis itself was okay.

posted on 04 Aug 2011, 07:53

13. Zohaib (unregistered)

extremely disappointed at htc ...having the exact same problem ....
tried factory reset, n formatting the card but all in vein..
any fixes found...???

posted on 04 Aug 2011, 08:37

14. the icrap destroyer (unregistered)

i should post a video teaching this guy how to use a touchscreen phone. Geez phonearena are you serious?

posted on 13 Sep 2011, 14:12

66. HTC Sensation Owner (unregistered)

In this video the guy looks like he is stupid, but in reality this is a legitimate problem. I have this phone, and the lock ring literally wont respond for like 20-30 seconds. I have had multiple touch screen phones. I know how to use it. This phone is defective. I am pissed. HTC failed miserably here.

posted on 04 Aug 2011, 08:49

16. sweeney (unregistered)

I have had these reported issues I am going to T-Mobile today

posted on 04 Aug 2011, 08:59

18. Bob (unregistered)

Same problem with me.
On the second week of ownership I have that exact problem like the dude on the video...

Hope someone in HTC figures out what's the cause and post a solution, so we could fix our sets...

posted on 04 Aug 2011, 10:06

20. Mihai A (unregistered)

There is a temporary fix for this.
Have a look here:http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.ph p?t=1129272
Just to summarize, use the phone until the battery dies, pull out the battery for a few minutes, put it all back and charge it fully. The most important think is NOT to play with the phone while is charging. Do this cycle two or three times and it should be ok.
As long as you don't use the phone while is charging the problem doesn't come back. This worked for me and many others.

posted on 04 Aug 2011, 10:12

22. Manly Hands (unregistered)

How about using some damn muscle and actually making contact with the phone? Stop making blatant fairy swipes and maybe the screen will have an idea of what you're trying to do. It's designed to respond to touch, not limp wrists.

posted on 04 Aug 2011, 10:18

25. Mihai A (unregistered)

Sensation has a capacitive screen. It reacts (should) to the slightest touch, not to pressure like resistive screens.

posted on 04 Aug 2011, 10:28

27. stuart0001 (Posts: 3; Member since: 04 Aug 2011)

Do you even know the difference between a capacitive and resistive screen?

posted on 04 Aug 2011, 12:14

33. remixfa (Posts: 14255; Member since: 19 Dec 2008)

it reacts to touch.. thermal touch. the guy is barely touching the phone and using the side of his thumb near his fingernail.. which will give problems on any touch screen phone.

If the guy is really having problems or not cant be shown in the video. Redo it using the flat bottom of your finger and while actually fully touching it. If it still has issues, then there is a manufacturing issue.. otherwise, its user error.

posted on 04 Aug 2011, 10:15 1

23. stuart0001 (Posts: 3; Member since: 04 Aug 2011)

I can't believe the arrogance of the people that don't have this problem. Just because you don't have it doesn't mean nobody has. It'd be like responding to news of a Flu epadimic by saying "Me and my friends don't have Flu so there is no epedimic".

Gees guys, feel lucky you have a working phone but don't dismiss those that don't. It is a very real issue that needs fixing. Until you've experienced the issue yourself you are in no position to dismiss out-of-hand. Nobody's saying it affects all units.

I have had 8 different models of touch-screen phones and never had this problem until the 2 sensations I've now had. I got my 3rd replacement today and will see how that goes.

posted on 04 Aug 2011, 10:18

24. kamen (Posts: 92; Member since: 18 Jul 2011)

Showing THIS video does not make people believe. Guy;'s finger is flying waaay above the screen.
If the video showed a nice firm press on the screen of a phone placed on a table then it would have helped to get people's attention and understanding. But this video is an insult to anyone who really wanted to know such a problem with screens.

posted on 04 Aug 2011, 10:26 1

26. Mihai A (unregistered)

Mate, this is exactly how the problem manifests itself.
A swipe translate in to a touch resulting in random apps opening wherever your finger was swiping. I have a security pattern on my phone and sometimes it takes up to 10 tries just to unlock the screen
Lucky you dont have the problem.

posted on 04 Aug 2011, 11:25

30. sedon (unregistered)

Glad this hasn't happened to mine...

posted on 04 Aug 2011, 11:48

31. SteveJobs (Posts: 12; Member since: 24 Jul 2011)

hahahah u droids are really funny hahahaha all of u commenting on that nonios piece of software hahaha

posted on 04 Aug 2011, 16:19

38. PeterIfromsweden (Posts: 1230; Member since: 03 Aug 2011)

Whos this guy ?
PA should ban him from using a false name...
WAIT, i think Apple will take care of that themselfs, watchout SteveJobs, Apple are going to sue you...

posted on 04 Aug 2011, 13:15

34. quesoesgrande (Posts: 217; Member since: 03 Aug 2011)

I've had my htc sensation for over a month now and haven't had any problem with the touchscreen! There was a time when the screen would go ALL black but everything else worked, like I could hit the unlock button, swipe where the ring should be, hear the unlock sound, and then hear the weather animation but not see anything... I took my battery out and then expierenced no more problems at all!!!

posted on 04 Aug 2011, 13:58

35. ngo2dd (Posts: 896; Member since: 08 Jul 2011)

I don't have a Sensation but I do have a Evo 3D I had a similar problem but I just reboot it and it goes away. It have a couple of time but it just reset everything. So I don't know what is happen.

posted on 04 Aug 2011, 15:10

37. matistight (Posts: 440; Member since: 13 May 2009)

So this guy explains for like 2 minutes and then uses the screen and it works!

Its not grounded properly, we expect a perfect phone. That would be dumb of them. Touch the grill for the headset speaker at the top and the problems go away temporarily

posted on 04 Aug 2011, 17:42

39. mattyp531 (unregistered)

Mine does this to an extent. Not quite as bad as what's displayed in the video, but definitely the same problem.

posted on 04 Aug 2011, 18:26

40. Hen (unregistered)

Well mine has been nothing but a pain in the butt. The screen is okay but data connectivity (wifi and mobile hotspot) leave more than a little to be desired. Then there are the random reboots. I should have kept my G2 and waited for something else but oh well. It will be getting replaced in a couple of months anyway.

posted on 05 Aug 2011, 02:19

43. nugzo (unregistered)

This problem is real. Very Very real! For those peckers that are talking s**t be very thankful it hasnt hit you....yet! Maybe you dont like the video, there are many many more on youtube showing the same problem.. HTC vs HTC now lol. HTC vs Apple i can see... but HTC vs HTC is ridiculous...you guys seriously need to get laid and stop hating on people with sensation problems...it is a real issue, most annoying i've ever seen and i've owned 10+ touch screen devices, i know how to use them!

posted on 05 Aug 2011, 09:15

44. Jcrally17 (unregistered)

No problems for me! I love my HTC Sensation.

posted on 06 Aug 2011, 05:33

45. st8cked (unregistered)

I love this phone but am now experiencing some touch screen issues...my homescreen mode often takes multiple swipes for the ring to respond...i have missed multip,e calls because my screen wont open and allow me to answer the call. Bottom line is its getting really annoying and i am debating selling my phone and wither going to the G2 or back to the mytouch 4g..HTC please send an OTA update to us that solves our problems!

posted on 06 Aug 2011, 08:55

46. stilts1 (unregistered)

I have the exact problems described at the XDA developers website. My sensation is 30 days old, too late to return it. It was perfect at first, now it will not take swipes to unlock or presses to enter the security code the first time. Apps crash and open unexpectedly. Typing is hazardous. I love the phone, hopefully a fix can be found.

posted on 08 Aug 2011, 10:18

47. MIchal (unregistered)

I have the same problem with my HTC Sensation. Touch screen stopped responding properly after around 1 week. I hope that solution will arrive soon.

posted on 08 Aug 2011, 10:26

48. MIchal (unregistered)

I am having the same problems. I've had this phone for few days only. It's difficult to unlock the phone or to answer the call. It takes several attempts to make it work. Hope a solution will come soon.

posted on 09 Aug 2011, 09:10

49. roncheezz77 (unregistered)

Oh mine definetly was and still buggy after the 3rd day of owning it, the ring ring pull is crap since it doesn't allow me to pull sometimes. Htc should have added more internal memory to keep from me having to clog it up and clean it too often. Seems to work a little better after a little clean up but next thing you know it acts up again. :( and disappointed sensationless owner.

posted on 10 Aug 2011, 09:11

50. JS (unregistered)

I have had my HTC Sensation about 2 weeks and today my screen went black. It will ring when I call it but the touch screen is totally unresponsive. The backlights on the bottom of the phone light up, but the screen is black- I am going to TMObile today.

posted on 10 Aug 2011, 09:35

51. scotta (unregistered)

Screen touch very poor, and infuriating. This has taken five mins to type :(

posted on 10 Aug 2011, 11:24

52. dave (unregistered)

yep same here alright for week or so now playing up

posted on 15 Aug 2011, 22:37

53. Ox (unregistered)

Add me to the frustrated-owner-of-an-approximately-two-week-old-HTC-Sensation bucket.

Such a sweet phone...yet the failing touchscreen sensitivity after about 10 days makes me want to punch someone in the groin. I'm not really an angry person....just want what I paid for.

Still - props to HTC for putting out a gorgeous phone. Now fix it!!! :)

posted on 16 Aug 2011, 21:40

54. Hapa7402 (unregistered)

I have had similar issues. In addition to that I've had my screen freeze,along with the entire phone going straight to a black screen. The funny part is that all I did was pull the darn thing out of my pocket or sometimes not even that and it is just a black screen. I've tried everything,exchanges etc... and no luck. Please help US all HTC support:0(

posted on 18 Aug 2011, 08:55

55. brochelle (unregistered)

I wish I could return my HTC Sensation and get a reliable Apple iPhone 4 like I had before. My Sensation has swipe problems, and just recently I was trying to call someone and my numeric keypad wouldn't work, only numbers, 8, 0, and the *, keys would work :(. My phone is on a supertab with Virgin Mobile so my only option is to pay for the whole phone and buy another phone and put on a supertab. I don't know what to do :(

posted on 18 Aug 2011, 10:19

56. Lignja (unregistered)

if you have touchscrean and swipe problems on your sensation, download SGS touchscreen booster from market, install it, press on super optimized, and pull first 3 collums on end left, and 2 last on end right, then press apply... your sensation will worke like a charm, you wont have any swipe problems or locking ring... then you can test it and turn back ond defult or uninstal that application and it will still work... hope it helps you like it helped to me... soz for bad english..

posted on 20 Aug 2011, 23:26

57. annoyed! (unregistered)

I had it for 3 days before having this problem. The unlocking ring is so annoying at this point that I got an application to unlock the phone. I can't text without having to correct mistakes all the time, since the phone doesn't register most of my letters. I can't call people easily. And really for a touch screen phone, to have the touch screen not work, is pretty sad. And they call it one of the best phones in the market. I don't want to see the average phones than!

posted on 22 Aug 2011, 01:30

58. Al (unregistered)

Same problem. HTC arent helping much! Very not happy!
Plus heaps of other issues with this phone, never had any with Desire.

posted on 25 Aug 2011, 23:11

59. Stopon6 (unregistered)

I bought my sensation 4 days ago and no problems so far except everyone with an Iphone4 wants one

posted on 27 Aug 2011, 20:32

60. kylegier (unregistered)

Same problem! It's really annoying when you unlock it but it seems like when you type things everything is fine.

posted on 29 Aug 2011, 16:04

61. HTC Problems (unregistered)

I have had my sensation for 6 days and i am already noticing audio problems in apps and during my recorded video, as well a video playback problems. Youtube videos will also not play as well. I restarted my phone and it helped temporarily, but the problems still persisted. I then deleted a few unnecessary apps such as talking tomcat, and an animal soundboard just in case this was the cause of the problem. Also, i downloaded the asphalt 5 racing game app (free) and the app said that my device did not support it This is my first smartphone and as far a calling it a "superphone" or whatever it was deemed due to how impressive it was, I am highly disappointed.

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