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Several people you know probably tout the superiority of today’s smartphone cameras, but at the end of the day, they still don’t offer the same level of flexibility that dedicated cameras with interchangeable lenses have to offer. The iPro Lens System we’re reviewing is a compilation of different lenses for the iPhone 5 that give us extra zoom, wider shots, and impeccable close ups.

The package contains:

  • iPro Case for iPhone 5
  • Macro S2 Lens
  • Super Wide S2 Lens
  • 2X Tele S2 Lens
  • Combi Handle (3 Section)
  • Lens Cap


These are far from being cheap lenses! Everything about them is meticulous.

First and foremost, we’re most ecstatic to know that the lenses can be all packed together within the included Combi Handle, which consists of 3 compartments that protects and houses each lens when they’re not being used. It’s ingenious and thoughtful for sure, since we don’t have to worry about losing or misplacing them. Additionally, the universal tripod mount is also discretely housed in it too!

Secondly, there’s the matter of the case for the unit we’re checking out. And in this scenario, it’s the iPro Case for the iPhone 5. Although it’s specifically ensured to work with the iPhone 5, we’re able to also use it in conjunction with the 5s as well. On one hand, it’s wonderful that it’s form-fitting and doesn’t tack on any bulk, but at the same time, we find it extremely tight to the point that it’s painfully hard trying to remove the phone from it. Nevertheless, it’s nice that all the ports and buttons are still accessible.

In the rear, there’s a bayonet mounting system over the camera lens that makes it effortless when it comes to attaching any of the three lens. In fact, all we have to do is line the two up to one another, and then rotate the lens in a clockwise motion for it to lock in place. Simple and easy folks!

These aren’t your cheaply made lens, that’s for sure! Each of the three are finely crafted from precision machined aluminum alloy and anodized for added strength and durability. Furthermore, we continue to see a stringent level of meticulousness with their constructions, seeing that they’re further refined to avoid lens flare thanks to the multilayer anti-reflection coating on them.

Starting off with the 2X Tele S2 Lens, it’s noticeably the biggest of the bunch, as it really juts out from the case. Honestly, we wouldn’t recommend keeping it on if you intend on stashing your iPhone frequently into your pockets. As for the macro S2 and super wide S2 lenses, they’re low profile enough to minimize contact. Even though it makes them more pocket friendly, we’d suggest removing and storing them in the combi handle, as to not scratch or damages the lens.


As advertised, the iPro Lens System delivers some professional grade results.

Quite frankly, it’s almost impossible to describe the performance of the iPro Lens System without having you folks looking at the end results. Just as advertised, the three lenses all function as they’re intended. Therefore, if you want to add a deeper set of functionality with your smartphone’s camera, without relying on software or digital effects, the iPro Lens System is a great option for that.

For those looking for a little more zoom, the 2X tele S2 lens get the job done by giving us some much-needed zoom. Needless to say, the iPhone 5s’ camera is already quite detailed on its own, but the added zoom helps if giving us a closer look – without having to physically move closer to the subject, or rely on the phone’s digital zoom.

With the super wide S2 lens, it provides with a wider field of view. Looking at the comparison images with the lens on/off, it’s obvious that the lens is able to occupy a wider space. For those occasions when you really want to envelop as much of the scenery as possible into the shot, the wide angle S2 lens is sure to cram in a whole lot more of it. In fact, rather than just having yourself and a couple of friends in the shot, the wide angle lens allows for more coverage on the left/right sides.

And finally, there’s our favorite lens out of the bunch – the macro S2 lens. Seriously folks, you’ll be blown away by how close you’ll be able to get to your subject with this one on. Just when we thought that the iPhone 5s snags a ton of details with close ups, the macro lens does a considerably better job. Heck, details are still astoundingly rich, as we’re able to get up close and personal! You won’t believe how beautiful some things really are without using the macro lens.


At first thought, the iPro Lens System is something that anyone will appreciate using, seeing that it provides us with that DSLR-like experience with its interchangeable lens. However, when we look at its price, which isn’t cheap at $229 for the three piece lens system.

Rather, the types of individuals that will find value in its steep cost are those who have a passion for taking photos – especially those who actually make the time and plan out each and every single shot. Hardcore and experienced photographers will relish on the delightful results that the iPro Lens System offers. For those with a higher level of talent, they’ll have the tools to deliver results that some people might confuse to being professional grade quality – all of this coming from an iPhone of course.

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  • Combi handles safely houses all the lens
  • Amazing professional grade results
  • High quality construction


  • Very expensive
  • Tight fitting case makes it hard to remove phone

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