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Wearable fitness trackers, for the most part, don’t differentiate too much from each other when it comes to their designs. The majority of them, in fact, favor sporty styles meant to be worn around the wrist – much like the stuff from Fitbit, Jawbone, Misfit, and the bunch from smartphone companies. It makes plenty of sense, seeing that they’re meant to keep users active.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a new fitness tracker from Withings; almost two years now. However, with their most recent offering in the Withings Activité, it’s out to separate itself in the fitness tracker category with its stylish and discrete looks – one that appears to an ordinary timepiece on the surface. Not everyone fancies the sporty look, so with that in mind, the Activité distinguishes itself from the pack.

Packaging contains:

  • Withings Activité
  • French leather strap
  • Silicone strap
  • Battery removal tool
  • Spare battery
  • Quick start guide


The Swiss made design is premium, showing it’s more watch than a fitness tracker.

Classic timepiece first, fitness tracker second. That’s essentially the premise of the Withings Activité’s design, as it looks like your classical round faced watch. Simple and elegant, it surely doesn’t scream the design we’d think of seeing with a fitness tracker. That’s good and bad, depending on what style you favor. And boy does it feel like a premium thing!

First, let’s talk about the materials that comprise it. The 36.3mm case is made from 316L polished stainless steel alloy, closed together by sapphire glass on the front – giving the entire package that premium look and feel. The included leather strap definitely complements the elegant design, but for those who still have an itch for the sporty style, it can easily be swapped out with the included silicone strap. Adjusting it is pretty effortless, since it’s the same kind of strap you’d find in an ordinary watch. For fitness junkies, they’ll like the silicone one because it’s more resistant to sweat.

On our wrist, its size is proportional to not make it look too overbearing – much like how the Moto 360 seems obnoxiously large on someone with a small wrist. The Swiss designed Activité is also resilient to corrosion, so it’s constructed to withstand submersion under water up to 50 meters. In terms of color options, it’s available in white or black, though, the latter option gives it a more modern look.

Clearly, the folks over at Withings didn’t want to follow the trends with its latest fitness tracker. Can we even call it a fitness tracker, especially when it’s discretely incorporated into a watch design? Maybe it should be classified as a watch first, with the fitness tracking portion being complementary. Either way, it’s not your typical looking tracker – more so when it’s more than a few steps ahead with its premium looks.


Minimalist, it’s great at time telling and that’s all.



1. waddup121 unregistered

too dope of a watch!

3. sandankenpo

Posts: 1; Member since: Jun 23, 2015

Accurate review... of a watch I've owned for 6 MONTHS in the US. Beyond the question of why a review of a $450 activity tracking watch is on "Phonearena" in the first place (good question), is the question of why bother reviewing a product now that was released by Withings in Nov 2014?? There are activity tracking watches that were just released this month... how about being relevant and reviewing them? Too funny. For example, Cogito is releasing their "Cogito Fit" watch next month (activity tracking + notifications) and it will cost $99... or 1/4 of the Withings Activite. Alcatel released their activity-tracking notification "Watch" with a color screen for $150 last month on Amazon. Asus released their Vivowatch last month for $180 in Taiwan and it can be purchased through eBay. Now all of THAT is relevant fitness watch information.

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