Sony Ericsson txt pro Review

Sony Ericsson txt pro Review

The Sony Ericsson txt pro is a compact feature phone with a full QWERTY slide-out keyboard. The physical keyboard is its most attractive feature as the phone comes with a dedicated Friends application for sharing Facebook and Twitter updates. The txt pro is social at its core – it was even announced on Facebook to Sony Ericsson's fan audience of 5 million. The phone aims to keep heavy texters content with its 4-row physical keyboard, but also with an affordable price and Wi-Fi connectivity.

The struggle and agony of the txt pro lies in the fact that it's a feature phone with a touchscreen, one of the few left out there and it will inevitably face comparisons with low-end Androids. And it will inevitably lose them. Despite that, Sony Ericsson has equipped the phone with the Touch user interface, on a 3-inch capacitive touchscreen.


The Sony Ericsson txt pro looks very compact, but not in terms of its waist line. It weighs 3.53oz (100 g) but it's as thick as a brick at 0.71” (18mm). The 3-inch scratch-resistant capacitive touch screen comes with a resolution of only 240 x 400 pixels. The screen is responsive to touch, but we wouldn't say that translates into smooth flicking and tapping - the problem seems to originate in the interface or the slow processor. Otherwise, it has average viewing angles, but it attracts fingerprints, smudges and all kinds of human finger debris at an alarming rate.

You can compare the Sony Ericsson txt pro with many other phones using our Size Visualization Tool.

Apart from the screen, the design of the device is very toyish, a feeling conveyed by the plastic materials used to build the phone, but also by its miniature dimensions. Except for that cheap feeling, it looks well built and we were particularly happy with the nice soft touch coating on the back cover.

The side sliding mechanism is sure to take a hit as the common user would pop it open and close it multiple times throughout the day. That's why we were happy to report that it felt solid in operation. Popping the keyboard in and out happens with a distinct loud clicking sound (a bit too loud, actually). We found it to be just a tiny bit harder to slide it in and out than we would like to, but you get used to it.

The 4-row QWERTY keyboard on the Sony Ericsson txt pro is definitely small, but it doesn't feel packed - buttons are well spaced for most hands, but bigger thumbed users still might have difficulties operating them. The big majority though won't have a problem using it. The buttons are slightly tough to press, but you get used to it in a matter of minutes.

On the front, a half-circle home button, a signature feature of Sony Ericsson's latest handsets adds instant brand recognition, but is also very big and easy to press, overall a welcome addition.

Sony Ericsson txt pro 360-degrees View:



1. JLHON unregistered

Ahhh... classic PhoneArena stuff... always "reviewing" the bad side of phones... but if it was made from Apple.... OMG this phone was great! 9/10... come on you guys be serious for a minute, it's true it may be a little crappy but for the price what do you expect? a 4/10... I dont think so...

2. bling bling unregistered

yes you are right it should have scored more 4 does not do justice , it should have scored atleast 3 or 2

5. JLHON unregistered

dont start crap... you know it's not fair... but anyways it's your opinion so whatever... 9_9

3. John unregistered

Nice cheap phone, until i saw, that it lacks 3G.. So it must not score more than 4 stars. Yeah, qwerty is nice, price is decent, but nowdays even the crappiest phone has such feature.

36. ferongr

Posts: 2; Member since: Oct 02, 2011

I've used it, it's a bad phone, does not deserve its pricetag. Even basic functions like Contacts and Messaging are badly thought-out.

4. TreyTreyTaylor

Posts: 728; Member since: Dec 21, 2010

SE start making some hardcore high end androids for the US. All we have is the Play and X10/X8. The Arc would've sold very well on a US carrier IMO.

6. funny unregistered

"We found it to be just a tiny bit harder to slide it in and out than we would like to, but you get used to it." That's what she said. lol!

7. ana shahkira unregistered

menapa gprs x ade dlm senarai sony txt pro.....

8. navinya unregistered

i m very much excited abt this phone :-)

9. kunal unregistered

is this phone worth buying ????ths phn jst fits into my budgt.can u suggest some other mobile phones in ths range better thn ths.A QWERTY is must.

17. ulluboy.l

Posts: 2; Member since: Aug 27, 2011

this is a nice qwerty at this budget. u can go for it.

10. mikerotch1993 unregistered

come on its a cheap phone that does the job right. Personally i think people who spent hundreds on phones are pretty dumb unless its like an iphone but if you wanna text people and call them why spend so much? i don't want 3G and i don't want a browser i have a laptop ffs

34. TXT Pro unregistered

Completely agree with you... has been reflected from its name TXT PRO! This TXT PRO is not a smartphone, why need 3G for sending TXT? Alternatively, use the WiFi for internet browsing!

12. lei unregistered

how do you use the SYM "ü" option in the keyboard for sony ericsson txt pro? thanks.

14. nobleboy44 unregistered

this option is for adding symbols in the msg

13. nimrat unregistered

I m using txt pro but does not know how to minimize a running application . Can anyone please help me and tell how to minimize an application .

22. joska unregistered

it doesnt have any OS so it's impossible to minimalize it

15. jithu unregistered

Hai Guys is that possible to hide display clock time home screen pls tell me i going to buy this. please tell me the + of the Phone And of the phone i am waiting for your reply Thanks Guys.....

16. honey sing unregistered

awsome phn yrr i buy dis phn and its awsome to use widout 3g olso.. so guys dont give comment until u use it..a wsome sony ericson...

18. r3mpuia unregistered

Main qualms I have with this phone: 1. Music, Camera, Phonebook, Messages, Dialling keypad (touchscreen) has only one accesspoint. Not even the shutter acts as a camera shortcut as most phones do. Also, you cannot set your personalized shortcuts anywhere. 2. Unability to use the up down button at the side for browsing the menu. 3. Calculator does not rotate and cannot be operated from the keypad. Which is a problem because the touchscreen sensitivity on the bottom corners is particularly useless. Which also creates problems when you want to end a phone call. 4. I am an avid fan of Sony Ericsson because I personally think their user interface is the easiest and most friendly to use. Even on phones costing as low as Rs.5000. This phone is NOT FRIENDLY. Even Micromax has much much better UI which is friendly even on their phones costing around Rs3000. 5. Sound is poor, especially on playbacks. Nokia gives much better sound clarity in their low end phones than this. Dont buy. If you want qwerty, look somewhere else. if youre just looking for a phone which is smart and easy to use, get the Nokia X2-03 touch & type. Almost the same price. Youll be much happier with it.

19. r3mpuia unregistered

Oh, when I connect to my PC using the Mass Storage option, all my settings, especially the ringtoones- move bnack to default. Whats up with that huh??

32. ronron unregistered

coz you screwed it when you had it disconnected from your PC

20. andrejerman

Posts: 1; Member since: Sep 01, 2011

Do Anybody have bought it? My only concern is about the review is the microphone quality of the headset because if you buy a phone you want to use it at least as a phone to call somebody. if you voice quality are poor it will be a real chaos right? Could someone answer me is the reviewer just got a the "wrong" phone or is it the standard quality of all the headset ?

21. sophas6860 unregistered

its a nice phone and all but i have only had it for less then 2 weeks and it is already doin my head in... its bugging all the time i dont know why but its doin my head in. ive deleted all my music evrything exept what was on it when i bought it, but it still buggs for me it was a nice phone exellent handling and quick texting but the buggs aww so annoying does anyone know what too do ? thanks

23. janefer lanot unregistered

question is -pano mag open nang games sa dinaoad ko sa ck15 erecson text pro.

25. ax_92 unregistered

anyone can teach me how to use wifi from txt pro???.......

33. TXT Pro unregistered

Go to SETTINGS and select CONNECTIVITY. Tap WIFI to turn it on (if it has not turned on), then tap ADD WIFI NETWORK (if you want to set manually), otherwise you can use REFRESH NETWORKS. Remember to SAVE at the bottom of the screen.

27. sanhga unregistered

hey i own ths plays viddeos very loudly!! bt unable to play mp3 so loud..its really dum!! are u too faicng this prob??? if not dn wat shud i do?? if there wud hav been ne prob in speakers dn video sound quality wud hv been low too..but its really me out!!

28. sonam singh unregistered

Hi, I want to purchase this this ok . pz suggest me

29. sonam singh unregistered

Hey All, i m very much confuse abt nokia x3-c02 and txt plz tell me which should i take.and tell about battery backup.which is best for back up and performance..
txt pro
  • Display 3.0" 240 x 400 pixels
  • Camera 3.2 MP
  • Storage 0.1 GB + microSDHC

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