Sony Ericsson P1 Review
Sony Ericsson is one of the brands behind Symbian OS which is used in the manufacturer’s smartphones, and all of them, since the first P800 back in 2002, have touch sensitive displays and use the UIQ interface to control it. This combination of OS-UI has been also used by other manufacturers in the past (Motorola, Benq, Arima) but nowadays the only recently announced non-Sony Ericsson phone with UIQ is the Motorola Z8, which uses non-touch version of the UI that doesn’t have much in common with the one for phones with touch-sensitive displays. Both Symbian and UIQ have been progressing, and the P1 model we are currently reviewing is using Symbian 9.1 and UIQ 3.0, which is the latest combination used in Sony Ericsson phones. The same version is also found in the W960 Walkman and in previous models like P990, M600 and W950. This means the P1 doesn’t bring new OS or UI and should be fully compatible with applications, developed for earlier phones of the brand.

Sony Ericsson P1 comes as a replacement of two earlier models, combining their lines in one. The form-factor reminds us of the M600 with the relatively slim profile and hybrid QWERTY keyboard, but the design is more oriented to the business customers, like the P990. The M600 gets its upgrade with WiFi and camera and the P990 gets slimmer and sexier upgrade. The model name is rather strange solution but also logical one. Earlier P-series smartphones were with model numbers P800-P900-P910-P990 and the logical next model should be P1000 (or higher) but it seems that Sony Ericsson don’t want that long name and removed the zeros, naming the new phone P1. The P1, being first, also puts the new beginning of the united P and M series.

The retail box of the P1 comes with the following content:

  • P1 with battery and extra stylus
  • Pouch for carrying the phone
  • AC charger
  • USB cable
  • Charging and syncing cradle
  • Stereo Headphones
  • CD with software and manuals

The pouch is made from soft material in black and the phone fits tightly in it. It is not designed to be attached to a belt, but to be carried in the pocket.

The Syncing cradle is model CDS-65 and in addition to the phone put on it, it can be connected simultaneously to charger, USB cable and headphones (or other music device) which allows you to use your phone as it syncs or charges, stylishly lying in the cradle. If the cradle is connected to the AC charger, it will constantly glow in signal-green around the connector for the phone. The P1 itself, has similar small LED next to the connector socket, and when it is connected to a charging accessory (Charger or USB cable (with charging option selected) or the Cradle connected to one of the two) starts glowing in yellow.



1. Codelicious unregistered

I've been following with this phone for quite some time now. They used to name it P700 in China. I'm in the high-tech category, so wifi is a must for a smartphone :"]

2. praveen unregistered

like the p1 but wen will w960i be released in india and wat will be its price..want to wait for it for sure

3. GMoney unregistered

You said yourself that it's a tri-band phone, including the 1900 band. In the US, 1900 is the primary band used!!! Check out this page:

4. ralph unregistered

i know this fone will be compatible for US....but will it be compatible for the 3G umts 850/1900 of AT&T here in US???

5. Sebhelyesfarku unregistered

Still no profiles, call recording blocked, no HSDPA/EDGE/quadband GSM. only 15fps video recording. This is another overpriced SonyEricsson.

6. eman unregistered

i don't like it..the menu is still edge in it not easy to use..sorry i wasted my money i guess :(

7. Pat unregistered

I do not share the positive points of this test and especially on the photographs which are catastrophic, open to the eyes my friends.

8. 007 unregistered

i'm disappointed that this phone is not a quad band. i'm surprised that Sony Ericsson is offering this phone when it doesn't eve support 850 mhz. Right now i have a triband phone without the 850 mhz and in certain spots i don't have reception here in california. i really like the phone but just missing the 850 mhz. sad!

9. Owner unregistered

Don't know how you managed the long hours but my P1i with phone ONLY with Wifi and other features turned OFF will only get my ~2-3 days before recharging! Phone is too bloated esp. for a PDA! SE tried cramming too much applications into the phone so it's really clumsy and a power hog and still very price! It's a good phone for talking as reception is quite good in my area with good call quality and the camera is also very good. Too bad nothing else was that good!
  • Display 240 x 320 pixels
  • Camera 3.2 MP
  • Storage 0.16 GB
  • Battery 1120 mAh(10.00h talk time)

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