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Sony Ericsson HBH-IV835 Bluetooth Headset Review

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Sony Ericsson HBH-IV835 Bluetooth Headset Review
This is the review of Sony Ericsson HBH-IV835 – a stylish wireless headset whose operation is based on the Bluetooth v2.0 technology and the design is simple and streamlined. It is the manufacturer’s sole headset without any sort of ear-hook whatsoever that is attached to the ear only through the small rubber-coated earpiece. Its dimensions are normal and the shape – narrow and extended, reaching 2.4 inches (62 mm) – which is not little at all and distinguishes it from the small-class headsets.

The device box is quite simple and contains:
Sony Ericsson HBH-IV835 Bluetooth Headset Review
Sony Ericsson HBH-IV835 Bluetooth Headset Review
  • Sony Ericsson HBH-IV835;
  • A charger;
  • 2 additional earpieces for different ear size;
  • A cap for connecting the neck strap to the charging port;
  • A user manual;
  • A neck strap.

The neck strap is the same as the one in other sets of the same manufacturer – GV 435 for instance. There are two options: you can either fix it directly to the headset (we find this to be very inappropriate since there will be a strap hanging from your ear while using the set), or – to a small ‘cap’ with an opening that can be attached to the set’s charging port afterwards. The latter is a good solution that resembles the strap of Bluespoon AX2, which is attached directly to the set’s mini USB port.

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:55

1. Marcus Abe (unregistered)

Hi. I bought one IV835 and after charging and testing it I found out it was too unstable in my ear and decided to return it to the store. So, I got one Jabra JX10 and I'm loving it (light, good sound and the battery last enough)

posted on 09 Sep 2007, 09:42

2. Southpark (unregistered)

I have many BT headset and this is the best that I had. Wearing glasses limits your choice and hard plastic hooking the ear ain't quite cutting it. I also have no problems in terms of voice and sound clarity with it (paired with an old K600i)

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