Samsung T509 Review
The T509 came as a surprise to many people here in the US. Just after all the talk about the Motorola L7 subsided Samsung decided to strike back. And in combination with T-Mobile USA they brought the T509 to the masses. The T509 is advertised as the thinnest phone ever, and it might very well be, cause it's only 0.4 inches thick (the L7 and L6 by Motorola are a little thicker actually). It's not really a replacement for a specific phone either in T-Mobile's or Samsung's lineup. Rather it's their answer to Cingular hooking up with Motorola to introduce the L6 and the L7. Well, except for the “wow” factor, which certainly is there, what else can we expect of this little phone? It's Bluetooth enabled, it has a camera, it's triband GSM, ... and it's thin.

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