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Samsung SGH-T509 User Reviews Back

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Blair Wyrick posted on Dec 28, 2007, 2:44 PM



i have had this phone for almost two years and is a great phone! its not flimsy, even though it has a slim design, keyboard is easy to use for texting and dialing, and i have pretty big hands. I work for tmobile now and everyone is wishing that they would bring this phone back!

it does not however have expandable memory

other than that this phone is amazing!

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Joey Sevilla posted on Sep 04, 2007, 10:48 AM


THe Best phone ever!!!

I think other than not being able to upload full lenght songs... Its a really handy phone. Its just about everything you could possibly ask for in a phone its amazingly fast and gets great signal...

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mike posted on Aug 31, 2007, 1:02 AM



Thin phone with 0 features. Too bad. It has a lot of potential to do more, which I'm sure Samsung will put into other models. The only thing this phone has going for it is the thin factor. Thats it.

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Vincent Hernandez posted on Mar 23, 2007, 3:58 PM



I thought this phone was very nice when I purchased it. Small, thin, festures were ok. It was a cell phone. Now, I think it kind of sucks. The sound is horrible and the speaker phone is pretty much pointless. I have never owned a phone that has dropped as many calls as this thing. I have never made so many calls where the phone actually picks up the call but you can't hear or speak to the other party because there is a dead line. This takes place vice vera as well. The sound quality, the missed & dropped calls, are crucial to having a good cell phone. I was a long time motorola user and this type of stuff rarely happend. I will just have to wait it out on my t-mobile plan until I can upgrade to another phone. I'm stoked I spent the hundreds I did for this thing!!! Some folks like samsung phones I'm just not one of them. My 50 inch Samsung HDTV is remarkable though.....

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Tom posted on Feb 13, 2007, 10:10 PM


Loving it so far.

I had a Razr V3 before I upgraded to this phone at a T-Mobile store.

I love the look of this phone. Stylish, thin, bright, colorful, and did I mention thin? It's not as long as people emphasize it to be. I know how a SLVR look like, and this phone, I think, has a better look to it.

Honestly, I was contemplating between this phone and Samsung t619, but I am quite tired of flip phones, and t619 just didn't feel right in my hands. It was a tad too light with number pads that felt so cheap.

Sadly, not as customizable as a Razr (t509 has no mini USB) but still has all the right features. If you have Bluetooth on your computer, great. Unfortunately, I don't. Not much of a matter to me, but for those who are looking for mini USB on the phone, forget about getting this.

Great signal strength and call quality. I thought I would love the voice calling when I got Razr, but I honestly don't use it much - not much AT ALL. So the lack of that feature in this phone isn't bothersome to me.

No, it does not have the best camera in the world, nor does it have the mp3 player that so many people seem to flip for. But who cares? It's a phone. You make calls with it. As long as the pix you take look good on the phone, it's fine. Plus, you have mp3 players for listening to music.

Loving the fun frames and different kinds of effects you can put on the pictures you took.

I got it for about $30 with everything included with 2-year extension, and I think I will enjoy every moment with this phone.


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austinoz posted on Jun 03, 2006, 1:51 AM


Nice phone, lacks features

Comparing to a free SLVR I got from Cingular, paid $50 after rebate for the t509 from T-Mobile. The phone sound quality is much better and with only 1 signal bar at my house it has only dropped once since I got it. Cingular/SLVR dropped nearly every call. Both on GSM with average of 1 bar. The t509's camera is horrible. The colors look awful due to poor color depth. Copying via Bluetooth to a Mac you must authorize the transfer of every single file. PITA! Especially with the 15 shot mode. The nice thing about this is the size. It fits in my pocket and is hardly even visible. The vibrating or nice sounding included ringtones are not too obnoxious. I have yet to find a way to transfer my phonebook from the Mac to the t509. Easily done on the SLVR. Too bad so many Bluetooth features are disabled by the carriers. No voice dialing is a feature I miss as is the lack of a memory card. Not such a huge deal due to lack of mp3 player.

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TLADD posted on Jun 01, 2006, 4:08 PM


SGH T509

Great overall phone. High quality pictures and screen. Video is a nice feature. No mp3 players but i didnt want one. Its small and everyone seems to say something about it. Ex: "Sweet Phone". I just used blue tooth today to send some pics. It does play mp3's but you cannot set them as ringers. So, that statement was invalid. You have to convert them. Still searching for the best file type. .MMF works attempting to find a free converter can be annoying. Anyone who knows how to accomplish this email me plz. thanks.

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