Samsung Giorgio Armani B7620 Preview

Introduction and Design
This is a global GSM phone, it can be used with AT&T's 1900MHz 3G band, and with T-Mobile without 3G.

Introduction and Design:

We can easily declare 2009 year of fashion cell phone follow-ups. Some months ago we introduced you to the LG PRADA II. Now we’ve got our hands on the prototype of the second Samsung with the Giorgio Armani logo on it (M7500 Night Effect was branded as Emporio Armani). There is only one thing in common between these two though, the presence of a full QWERTY keyboard. While the LG PRADA II seems to have gained extra weight and managed to ruin the image of its trendy predecessor, the Giorgio Armani B7620 is another cup of tea. Our prototype is running on the Windows Mobile 6.1 OS, but the final unit will have WM6.5 on board. Aside from being a capable smart phone, the device seems to pack serious multimedia punch – DivX/Xvid video support, 5-megapixel camera and huge, 3.5-inch AMOLED display.

Actually, we lied to you. There is one other thing both phone have in common with – the rather serious weight gain compared to their previous makes. The Samsung Giorgio Armani B7620 is bulky even for a Windows Mobile smart phone and virtually the same size as the HTC Touch Pro2. Still, this is excusable given its solid metal front and large display.

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You can compare the Samsung Giorgio Armani B7620 with many other phones using our Size Visualization Tool.

The 3.5-inch display delivering resolution of 480x800 is perfectly capable of meeting the needs of contemporary users. If you girlfriend says something like this to you though, you should be worried indeed. Sliding the screen sideways reveals the keyboard and it can also be tilted at an angle to allow easier text entry, similarly to HTC Touch Pro2 and Nokia N97. Both send and end keys are below the screen along with mandatory inscription that reads Giorgio Armani and what looks like a chain store, bargain basement knockoff of a sapphire paste. Pressing it once calls up the main menu, while holding it pressed causes the multitasking menu to pop on screen.

The relatively large keyboard buttons are arranged in four rows with enough space between them. Since there is a row less than on the Touch Pro2, all special symbols are scattered among the letter keys and not as on normal computer keyboards. Finally, there is not enough room for your fingers if you tilt the display towards it and typing text in can get uncomfortable.  Both volume rocker and microSD slot are on the left hand side, while camera shutter, phone lock and microUSB connector are on the opposite. There is a button that bears cryptic “W&L” marking on top of the device that calls a function we will get down to in the Interface section of the review.

There is a fancy looking pattern on the back side of the Giorgio Armani, although the surface is completely flat, since a transparent, plastic layer covers the goldish stencil that makes for an excellent mirror.

As a whole, the overall look of the Samsung Giorgio Armani B7620 makes us think of these massive, diamond studded neck-chains with inscription reading P.I.M.P. on them. In other words, the flashy look and brand name of the phone make for quite an eye-catcher in a rather bulky, tawdry, gangsta way.

Samsung Giorgio Armani B7620 360 Degrees View

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