Samsung Conquer 4G Review

Introduction and Design

We all know that if you wait long enough you can get a really good price on a product that is slightly aging.  Arguably the most iconic device of 2010 was the HTC EVO 4G - it was the first 4.3” smartphone and the first 4G device in the US, along with one of the first 1GHz processors, gobs of memory and a whole host of other goodies.  Fast-forward just over a year later and we have the Samsung Conquer 4G.  Billed as the first budget 4G device, the spec sheet is actually quite similar to the EVO 4G in a smaller package and all for under $100 on contract.  Alright, there are some cutbacks such as the 3.5” 320x480 display and 3.2 megapixel main camera, but you still get a 1GHz S2 (second generation) Snapdragon processor, 1GB of memory and 4G WiMAX data.  Included with the Conquer 4G you’ll get the microUSB cable with AC adaptor and a 2GB microSD card.


When you hear the term “budget friendly” a high quality build doesn’t come to mind, but we were pleasantly surprised when we first unboxed the Samsung Conquer 4G.  The phone is very well put together with great attention to detail.  The battery door is covered in tiny nibs and soft touch which proves an excellent tactile feel.  The shiny metal frame is a nice contrast to the black housing, and the side buttons and ports blend right in but are still easy to find by touch.  Below the display are four hardware Android buttons which flare downward to cradle the curve of your thumb.  Though likely plastic, they have the appearance of black brushed aluminum- which matches the camera housing on the back- to give the phone a sophisticated look.

You can compare the Samsung Conquer 4G with many other phones using our Size Visualization Tool.

The display itself unfortunately reminds us that this is indeed a budget device.  The 3.5” TFT display supports 16M colors, but is only 320x480 and the pixel density leaves a lot to be desired.  It is a far cry from the Samsung AMOLED panels we have come to know and love and is more than likely the same display found on the Samsung Transform.  Then again, phones with AMOLED displays are often twice as expensive as the Conquer 4G and corners must be cut somewhere.  Other than the pixel density the quality of the display is above average with good brightness and its ability to stand up to direct light pretty well.

In this day and age of 4”+ displays it is kind of refreshing using a smaller device now and again.  The Samsung Conquer 4G fits very comfortably in our hand and with a smaller screen it is easy enough to reach across the phone with our thumb for one-handed operation.  The textured, soft touch back gives us a reassuring grip and the narrow profile makes it easy to cradle in your palm.  We are pleasantly surprised that Samsung did not skimp on the design of the Conquer 4G and are quite pleased with the result.

Samsung Conquer 4G 360-degrees View:

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