Samsung A560 Review

Introduction and Design


Samsung recently came out with two similar phones, the A560 and the A850. The A850 is the “beefed up” model of the a560. Both phones are excellent quality and workmanship. One phone was built for the common man, the other for gadget loving people looking for “bells and whistles.” I will be reviewing the SPH-A560.


The SPH-A560 has a blue and silver color scheme. The color is flat, not glossy. It sounds dull, but it mixes well with the design of the phone. The latest trend in CDMA phones is to have an internal antenna. This usually leads to a somewhat awkward shape. The a560 has actually hidden it quite well and I like the looks of it a lot!

This phone is about the average size of a cell phone in today's market. It was not too bulky to carry around in my pocket discreetly. Nor was the phone so small that it was uncomfortable to hold in my hand.

Comparison Pictures:

The keys are rather difficult to press. I was actually annoyed while I was text messaging. The keys may be pushed with more ease once they are worn in. However, I was very disappointed in the keypad.

The two buttons on the outside left hand side are used solely for volume. When you are on a call it adjusts the headset volume. Not on a call, the button will adjust the volume of the ring tones. You are able to select vibe always, silent, and actual ring tones.

On the face of the A560 is an LED indicator that provides you with valuable information. I found myself relying on this feature a lot due to the lack of external LCD screen. When it blinks green, it signifies that everything is normal. If the light is red, the phone is signifying that you need to check it out. Text messages, alarm clock, missed calls, etc will all turn the light into red. The light is not constantly on and blinks about every 8 seconds or so.

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