Pantech Ease Review

Pantech Ease Review

Sometimes the only way to get your name out there is to simply saturate the market with numerous handsets that play to the strengths of a wide range of demographics. Pantech is no stranger on AT&T's lineup as we've seen them relentlessly dishing out handset after handset that doesn't look to recede any time soon. It wasn't too long ago they entered the touchscreen game with the Pantech Pursuit P9020, but this time around, they intend to introduce the Pantech Ease P2020 as an introductory handset geared towards the specific needs of the elderly – or those who simply want a phone that has a short learning curve. At the same time, the Ease aims to strengthen Pantech's growing line of touchscreen enabled messaging phones.

The package contains:
•    Pantech Ease P2020
•    Wall Charger
•    microUSB Cable
•    User Manual
•    Interactive Tutorial CD


Upon first gazing at the handset, the Pantech Ease follows closely to the Pursuit, although it's a little bit more oval looking in shape and narrower, the design is typical to things we see from Pantech's camp – nothing too awe inspiring. The all plastic constructed handset feels pretty good in the hand, especially with the somewhat rubberized feel of the rear, as its light weight (3.5 oz) does well in making it feel balanced. It's difficult to say which demographic Pantech tried to appease more, the text messaging savvy youths or the laid back simple style of older adults, but it would seem that Pantech attempted to craft a handset that would appeal to both.

You can compare the Pantech Ease with many other phones using our Size Visualization Tool.

The Pantech Ease has an ample sized 3.2” display which has a resolution of 240 x 400 pixels with support for 262k colors – which is easily larger than what's offered on the Pursuit. Although the display manages to show text and colors decently, we still rather found the resistive touchscreen to be somewhat unresponsive in trying to move in-between home screens. We also found ourselves having to shield it from direct sunlight as it's difficult to view items on-screen – even when setting the brightness level to the maximum setting.

There's a healthy amount of dedicated buttons littered throughout the handset – which we feel is more appropriate for those who are in tune with technology. However, we feel it can prove to be too much for those older individuals who prefer a more simplistic handset. Despite this, you've got the send, end, back/clear, volume rocker, voice activation, camera, quick contacts, and lock/unlock buttons at your disposal – all of which are decently sized and offer a good response.

Sliding open the phone is accompanied with the usual snappy mechanism and presents you to the roomy landscape style QWERTY.  Buttons are almost flush to the surface and oval in shape, however, there is a subtle response when you press down on them. It may not be as good as the QWERTY in use with the Pursuit, but it should prove to be usable too – plus the strong back-lighting makes it very recognizable in almost any lighting condition.

If there is one thing we're excited to see the Pantech Ease introduce, it's easily the microUSB port found on the left side which replaces the traditional proprietary one the manufacturer has long been using. Aside from that, everything else is where you expect it to be – like the 2-megapixel camera and speaker phone on the rear. Finally, removing the dot patterned rear cover will give you access to the battery, SIM card slot, and microSD card slot.

Pantech Ease P2020 360 Degrees View:




Posts: 3131; Member since: Jan 12, 2010

For the elderly? I don't know any old people who use facebook, yet alone need it on their cell phone lol Old people have gitter bug haha

2. knuckleballer34

Posts: 119; Member since: Jul 27, 2009

Exactly. This looks like a nice phone, but I don't know of too many senior citizens who would want one.

3. ace1122

Posts: 237; Member since: Mar 23, 2009

Yeah i never seen someone over the age of maybe 60 with a touchscreen phone.

4. RS9568

Posts: 13; Member since: Jun 22, 2010

This phone has an "easy" mode that eliminates the internet functionality and dumbs the phone down to calls and text. The "advanced" mode allows for apps and web surfing. The touch screen works well in easy mode cause the 3" screen displays only 4 buttons. Waste of space? Maybe. Easy to see and use? Most definatly.

5. Marchsixteen unregistered

Yes, I'm old but I still love technology...I have lots of older friends on fb with cool phones. This is a great phone for me--the days I feel more "senior" I can just use Easy but most days I can have the features I want. Nice to have the option

6. STL reviewer unregistered

I'm middle-aged and I have this phone and like it. You can get to the internet and all other functionalities from Easy Mode.

7. gade unregistered

I'm not elderly but I think I would like this phone. I don't have or want a data plan and hate phones with so many shortcuts to services I do not use. I would love an easy mode for just calls and texting. Also I think the reviewer doesn't use "elderly" right. That word makes me think 70 year olds are out shopping for the best phone for twitter.

8. Moonbeam11 unregistered

The senior citizens of TODAY are not the same as senior citizens maybe 30 yrs ago. I know lots of people over 60 who are on Facebook and don't have Jitterbugs!! I guess it depends on who you consider a "senior citizen" (sounds like you're talking about people who are 90 to 110 years old). According to AARP, a "senior citizen" is age 55. There are alot of cool people aged 55 still living FULL lives and own TECHNOLOGY!! Wow, imagine that! I think they could probably figure out this phone....

9. Kinley unregistered

I hate my ease it lockes up and my dad had a pantech too and his locked up all the time i just got a new ease bc they gave me a replacement and it is doing the same thaing i would not get this phone my samsung impresion worked better than the ease and it was a really bad phone!!!!

10. pmer unregistered

does anyone know how to block a number on a panech p2020 phone? thanks

11. revakin unregistered

tell me more abt pantech p2020 phone. thx

12. bonnie unregistered

this phone was good for me because i was finally learning how to text but he voice cammand is a problem it does recoinize the voice and i did realize how heavy he phone is but i wish that you could text without opening the keyboard

13. which one????? unregistered

I cant decide if i should get the p9020 or the ease I text a lot and i dont call that much which one should i get

14. gramatrudy unregistered

I am not a happy camper. I purchased a Pantech Ease in April 2011. From day one, I had an problem with it coming up with a blank screen when a call or message came in. When I complained, I was given a new battery. However, that did not resolve the problem; it continued. When I was able to contact the manufacturer that the same problem of a blank screen when a call or message came in still presisted, I was told that I was no longer covered under warranty because the the white tab near the battery had turned pink. I feel this is rediculous. Why? Because my problem was a preissisting problem, one that existed prior to the white tab turning pink. The problem existed from the first day I got the phone. I will not purchase another Pantech phone. Why? Because they do not stand behind their product.

15. Me unregistered

I just purchased this phone over the weekend. I wanted to let you know that you can text with out opening the keyboard. If you are in advanced mode just tap the inbox at the bottom of the screen and a note pad with a key pad will show up. The problem I am having is the battery does not last long. Working with it loading photos and go online the battery went down twice. This is not good and I am on another two year contract which I really did not want to do but, my husband felt it was a good idea so that I can stay in contact with my children.

16. wolfcub36

Posts: 1; Member since: Nov 22, 2011

This phone is absolutely wonderful, no doubt about it. This phone is perhaps the most durable phone I've ever used. I am usually rough on phones and they die on me faster than they should, but this phone withstands anything and everything. one night I lost it and it rained over night and the next morning I found it sitting on the middle of a dirt road still shining brightly. I have also dropped it off a roof and the time that it showed most durability was when I was at a Summer camp. I went swimming in a lake with it in my pocket for over thirty minutes and then i took a shower and washed out my swim shorts when i noticed it still glowing. The best part is, the only way the Pantech Ease was effected was the water cleaned my phone and made it slide better. This phones is also very easy to use in advanced and easy mode. It has a fantastic touch screen that hasn't cracked or anything in the 8 months I have owned it. In addition it has a very spaced out easy to use keyboard and a great messaging system. In fact the only complaint I could make about this phone is that when your making a call and try to end the call the phone will stay black so you cant hang up. After about 10 seconds it will usually let you end the call.

17. BLDP1127

Posts: 1; Member since: Dec 06, 2011

I have recently purchased a Pantech Ease and I am slightly unsatisfied. Not with the performance of the phone, because I do rather like the phone. The issue I am having is the phone turns off sometimes when I slide it closed. I purchased the phone on the 3rd of December. On Dec 4th while using the phone it turned off on it own several times when I slid it shut. This problem went on over the weekend and Dec 6th, the monday I went in to exchange it for a replacement, thinking it was just a fluke. Once I got the new phone home and charged I began going through settings and setting it up as I like. After a few hours once again when I would slide the phone closed it would turn off. I contacted the at&t store where I purchased it and am now gonna have to pay a $35 restocking fee because the product has a malfunction. Unless I get another Pantech Ease, which I do not want because I've already had two of these phones and both have the same problem.

19. dimak

Posts: 1; Member since: Jul 18, 2012

BLDP1127, have you ever resolved your issue with Pantech Ease? We are having the same "turned off" problem. My wife likes the phone but "tirned off" issue is not acceptble. Please let us know. Thanks


Posts: 3; Member since: Jun 04, 2012

I just purchased a Pantech Ease today, as an early upgrade from my Pantech Laser which broke. Since I loved my Laser so much, I tried to get a replacement that was as close to it as I could find! So as of today I think this is a very good phone. The design is sleek and modern, the touch screen is timely and responsive, and the browser is really nice. Although. Call me a wad, but I do just wish the graphics were a bit better. I like to make graphic art and store it on my phone and make wallpapers and screens for it, but a lot of my pictures the phone will not display! It gets on my nerves a bit because I always have to lower my image quality by a lot before I can put the images on my phone. But don't let that stop you from getting it! It is really good! I would indeed recommend this phone to anyone!
  • Display 3.2" 240 x 400 pixels
  • Camera 2 MP
  • Storage 0.05 GB + microSDHC
  • Battery 1000 mAh(5.00h talk time)

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