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Pantech Breeze II P2000 Review


We've seen a barrage of quick messaging phones out of Pantech's camp over the course of the last year and we don't foresee them drying up in that category any time soon. However, they're also in the game when it comes to basic handsets that forgo the QWERTY form factor in favor of the classic clamshell – just like the original Pantech Breeze from a couple of years ago. Thankfully they're at it again with the successor, the Pantech Breeze II P2000, which aims to be a solid entry-level handset aimed for older adults who prefer simplicity over aesthetics.

The package contains:
•    Pantech Breeze II
•    Charger
•    User Manual
•    Quick Start Guide


Naturally the overall look of the Pantech Breeze II follows closely to the teeth with its predecessor as the design and dimensions look similar. The narrow looking clamshell device is fairly well sized and light weight (3.5 oz) enough to allow anyone to hold it comfortably without much strain on the hand. Although the handset doesn't feel hefty due to the plastic material it's constructed out of, its design is more reserved than others and doesn't scream anything breathtaking. However, for a handset that's geared towards older adults, the choice of material looks to be durable enough to withstand some damage. All in all, it surely isn't the prettiest out there, but we'd surmise that design wouldn't be the top priority for a handset that takes aim at the older population.

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As one would expect, the Pantech Breeze II improves upon most of the specs seen with its predecessor. In its closed position, you can view the date, time, and caller ID info thanks to its 1.38” external display which has a resolution of 128 x 128 with support for 65k colors. Below that are three LED indicators that light up for incoming messages, phones calls, and low battery which make it relatively easy for anyone to take notice.

Opening up the handset, we're greeted to an adequate 2.2” QVGA display with 262k colors which happens to be crisp and full of color to make text very easy to see from a good distance. Not only did it have pretty good viewing angles, but it managed to hold up well even in outdoor conditions where the sun was beating down directly on it. With simplicity in mind, there are three quick key buttons numbered from one to three found below the display which can be assigned to just about anything – from phone numbers to even applications. Despite being somewhat flush to the surface, the oval shaped buttons on the keypad are large enough to feel out and press without much effort. In addition to utilizing a circular directional pad, there are other dedicated buttons for the camera, voice recognition, and soft keys – all of which are comfortable to the touch. Aside from the usual proprietary Pantech charging port on the right side, you can find the perfectly placed and sized volume rocker to the left. Finally, the 1.3-megapixel camera and speaker phone are found on the back, while removing the battery cover will provide you access to the SIM card and microSD card slots.

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