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We aren’t strangers to Olloclip’s line of lenses for the iPhone, especially when we reviewed its 3-in-1 macros lens and 4-in-1 photo lens in the past. For the latest generation of iPhones, the company conjured up the Olloclip Active Lens – an attachable 2-in-1 lens that’s compatible for both the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. There’s no denying that the iPhone 6/6 Plus captures some incredible photos on its own with its camera, but it lacks some of the versatility that we get from other camera phones. Fortunately, the Olloclip Active Lens is here to save the day with its telephoto and ultra-wide angle lenses.

The package contains:

  • Storage bag
  • 3 wearable pendants
  • Lanyard


Olloclip has established a particular design with its line of attachable lenses, so it’s no surprise that the Active Lens follows in standard fashion. Unlike some other attachable lenses, which require special cases to use, the Active Lens is a simple attachment that goes over the front and rear cameras of the iPhone. Combining the two lenses on one frame, the telephoto and ultra-wide angle, it’s compact enough for easy stowing when it’s not being used – or just attached to the included lanyard, so it’s always within reach.

While it can be fashioned independently, there’s the optional Ollocase that offers minimal protection to the iPhone, but it’s designed to seamlessly work with the Active Case – albeit, it’s an additional $20 cost to you. Without it, you can still use the Active Lens on the iPhone. However, it can only be attached when it’s naked and not in a case.

Above all, the best part about the Active Lens’ design is that it’s compact and simple. The only issue with that is the probability of losing or misplacing it, so it’s always a good idea to use the included lanyard to keep it within range of yourself.

Ultra-Wide Angle Lens

Between the two, we find ourselves using and having more fun with the ultra-wide angle. In comparison to other cameras, the ones on the iPhone 6/6 Plus don’t offer the wide-angle coverage that we’ve come to appreciate. Well, that’s certainly fixed by using the ultra-wide angle lens, which interestingly enough, gives photos that fisheye look to them. Naturally, the best thing about this lens is how there’s more coverage of the scenery – it’s especially most noticeable when using the front-facing camera. No longer will folks be cut off from the shot when shooting selfies, seeing that the ultra-wide angle ensures that everyone will be in full view.

Telephoto Lens

The second part to the Active Lens is the telephoto one, which offers 2x optical zoom to get closer to your subject. You might think this might also double as a handy macro lens, but that’s not the case because its focal level isn’t on the same level as the standard camera. Using it, we notice that there’s a narrower depth-of-field, which makes it pretty handy for shooting portraits – giving focus and clarity to the subject, while giving the background elements a little bit of bokeh. Its effectiveness is more pronounced using the rear camera, just because it’s really not something that’ll provide any meaningful shots with the front-facing camera.


Compact and simple to operate, the Olloclip Active Lens can definitely serve its purpose when it’s given to the right individual. Attached with a price tag of $100, it’s certainly not a cheap thing to pick up, especially when we’re only given two lenses – whereas we were given more with its previous offerings.

Despite that, those who are serious about photography with the iPhone will undoubtedly make good use out of the Active Lens. For one, it offers a little bit more versatility, not only for the fact that it can take some different still shots, but it can also help to enhance the way you shoot videos as well. Just be careful and watch out for this thing, seeing that its compact size can make it very easy to lose or misplace.

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  • Compact design makes it easy to carry around
  • Ultra-wide angle lens offers more coverage
  • Works with both front and rear cameras


  • Small size makes it easy to lose or misplace
  • Pricey $100 cost for just two lenses

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