Novatel MiFi 3G/4G 4082 for Sprint Review

Novatel MiFi 3G/4G 4082 for Sprint Review
Introduction and Design:

The Novatel MiFi 2220 was a groundbreaking device when it launched, but it has been nearly two years since the 3G mobile hotspot device first hit the market.  Since then Sierra has stolen most of the market with their 4G capable Overdrive mobile hotspot.  Well Novatel is back with the MiFi 3G/4G 4082, adding WiMax and support for a memory card.  Included with the MiFi 3G/4G you’ll get a microUSB cable, AC adapter, slip pouch and a beefed up 1530mAh battery.

We always liked the looks of the original MiFi 2200; it was a slim, sleek device and looked equally good in Sprint silver and Verizon black.  This time around the MiFi is black with chrome accents (the Verizon 4G variant shares a color scheme) and looks very sharp.  The MiFi 3G/4G is considerably thicker thanks to the 1530mAh battery, a considerable jump from the 1150mAh one found in the 2200.

Another key difference is the addition of a small LCD screen, with a concave chrome power button below.  The function is very basic, letting you know your signal and battery strength, GPS status and how many devices are connected to the MiFi.  There is an LED on the bottom of the MiFi 3G/4G that indicates which network you are using: green for 3G, blue for 4G or orange if you don’t have service.

Also along the bottom is the microSD slot, microUSB charging port and a WPS button to enable security.  We appreciate the addition of the microSD slot.  By inserting a card (it supports up to 32GB) you enable network storage between any of the up to five connected devices on the MiFi 3G/4G.  This isn’t a new feature (we saw it on the Overdrive) but it is a nice addition nonetheless.



5. Vight unregistered

Advertised to operate up to five separate devices. Really? Sleek, convenient discrete design no wires. 3G/4G possibility. Where and/or when does this feature activate? And what actually does that WPS switch do? Do you push it frequently, why do you press it, what does it do to improve the "lagging during XBOX C.O.D online streaming, and how does it prevent netflix from moving so slowly? Well enough, we tried it for thirty days and went to return it and it was like a "ghost-town" of unresolvability. The store where traditionally we are treated like royalty and on this matter their hand are tied because I was late by a day returning this device. Please someone anyone tell me how to modify this "goose-egg" so we are not totally stuck with a two year contract for this piece of c#&p. At fifty years old I got a two year lesson in the fundamentals of a "fool is born everyday," or "if it sounds to good to be true, then it probably is." Until now they have been like family. As of today yet another smooth talker goes to the trash heap.

4. overdriveh8 unregistered

I have never had a worse experience with any wireless device mbb or phone a like than the Overdrive. Overheating/powercycling on my first one, followed by charging port failure (read I am a Sprint retail store employee I know how to treat devices) and the second one will not stay connected to 4g at my house, where my last one had no problem, to save its life. Literally. I will be activating my MIFI tomorrow when I get to work in the a.m. I never looked at the display on my Overdrive to begin with. As far as battery life. I generally have it plugged in anyway, but if im with out electric the overdrive would outlive the laptop anyway. So I am sure if the MIFI really has less battery life it wont be a noticeable inconvenience. And certainly not if it stays connected and powered on.

3. moofoodooloo

Posts: 137; Member since: Jan 04, 2011

I tried the Overdrive Pro and it was atrocious. Worked fine with one of my laptops, wouldn't connect with the other. Tech support said it was because the Overdrive didn't support the driver that was current for the computer and they didn't know if Sierra would have an update for it that would fix the problem.. Kinda ridiculous that it wouldn't work on a 3 year old Toshiba running Vista. Haven't been hearing great things about the Overdrive in general, I hope the Mifi is a better unit. Will update.

2. m simons unregistered

I had a number of Sierra Overdrives. Got tired of the micro-usb breaking as many others had. Took a look at the Pro in the store and thought it wouldn't be any better. Got the mifi yesterday. Its ok, but didn't know I'd have to use Sprint software if I wanted to use it via the USB.

1. I really hate it overdrive Pro unregistered

I bought the Overdrive Pro, It really sucks, It has really poor battery life, only 3hours with my video streaming. and really HOT. Too hot. I couldn't touch after 3 hours. How this company selling this product to market. ??

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