Nokia MD-5W Review

Introduction and Design

The appearance of the Bluetooth technology, not only eased the file exchange, but it seriously stimulated the development of mobile phone accessories as well. Nowadays we can choose from many different types of devices: Headsets, car kits, speakers and others, ready to satisfy the consumer needs.

Today we’ll take a detailed look at Nokia Bluetooth Speakers MD-5W. This solution from Nokia is mainly intended for listening to music from a phone or other compatible device, and thanks to the built-in mic it could be used for making calls. The music can be transmitted as follows: wirelessly, through a Bluetooth or through a cable, thanks to the 3.5 mm stereo jack.

In the box you will find:
  • Nokia Bluetooth Speakers MD-5W
  • 4 x AA Batteries
  • Nokia Travel Charger AC-4
  • Nokia Audio Line-In Cable CA-63U
  • User guide


At 9.17 oz (260 g), the speakers are easy to carry when traveling and do not take much space with their 213x58x54 mm (8.39x2.28x2.12 inch) dimensions. The design is simple and functional and the silver- black color combination makes them look stylish and pleasant.

The control keys are located in the center of the front panel with the speakers on both sides and the mic on the right.

The buttons you have here are: on/off, answer/end, volume keys, and in the middle, the 4 positioning d-pad with the following functions: rewind, fast forward, play/pause and stereo widening key. All of the controls are large and easy to press and the symbols depicted on them will help you understand their functions. The only thing we are not happy with is, that when operating the buttons you will have to press them with your thumb and hold the speakers with your hand, so they don’t roll back.

On the back, covered by rubber caps, you will find the power connector and the 3.5 mm audio input jack, as well as the battery lid. There are two rubber legs on the bottom of the speakers, and in the back there is a line made out of the same material, which also helps for the stability of the device and acts as an anti-slipping support.


The MD-5W Nokia Bluetooth Speakers can be connected to the music source in two ways – wireless, through the Bluetooth and through the cable included in the box. We also have the option to use the batteries or the AC adapter/charger as power supply.

Switching the pairing mode on is done by pressing and holding the power button till the LED starts blinking in red and blue. After that, follow the standard procedure for pairing a phone, by entering the 0000 code.

One of the differences between connecting through Bluetooth and audio cable is, that in the second case u can only use the volume controls and the stereo widening and the rest of the buttons are inactive. That is so because the cable transmits audio only, meanwhile the Bluetooth has a two way connection with the phone, which allows controlling the tracks.


According to information provided by Nokia, the battery pack can last up to 30 hours when playing or 550 hours in standby mode, which is quite an achievement and your phone battery will actually run out of power faster.

Despite their small size, the 2x1.5W speakers are pretty loud, but when the volume is at maximum level, you can hear the sound distortion.  They should be enough for a small room, but don't expect miracles. The quality isn't great, and reminds more a phone, than portable speakers. The rival Parrot Party does better job in this direction. Another drawback is that, when you reach the maximum volume level, while turning the device up, an annoying indicator sounds interrupting the music. The idea is good, but it would have been much more appropriate if the signal was more discrete.

You should not be worried about missing a call, while listening to music. The music stops automatically, when somebody is calling you, so you can accept the call.  The sound you hear is mid level, with low tones only; the voices are unclear and hard to understand. The situation is similar at the other end of the line, and the level of the sound the collocutor  hears, depends on the distance between the mic and your mouth. The voices heard have no high tones and if you move away from the speakers, your words will not be understood at all. If you want to have a normal conversation you need to be standing at 1-1.5 meters and speak directly in the microphone.

Generally we recommend, you to take incoming calls using your phone, since the MD-5W are mainly intended for music playback and then as a handsfree.

It would have been very convenient if the AC adapter could fill up the batteries, if there are rechargeable in place, but unfortunately it doesn’t. In the rival model, Parrot Party, the elegant solution is offered by the external charger, which does that.


If you enjoy listening to your favorite music, no matter where you are, and the power of the sound your phone provides is not enough, then MD-5W is an option you should consider. You have the advantage of being able to use the system with batteries or charger and connecting it wirelessly (Bluetooth) or by using the audio in cable, which broadens the possible ways to use it.

As speakers, MD-5W are doing a satisfactory job, but you’ll have to live with their mediocre performance while talking. If you don’t care about the latter, you should also consider Parrot Party which offers better music quality and different design.


  • It operates with standard batteries or an adaptor (Travel Charger)


  • You have to support it while pressing the buttons
  • It would have been much better if we had rechargeable batteries
  • It’s no good as a handsfree

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