Nokia C7 Review
This is a global GSM phone, it can be used with AT&T and T-Mobile USA.


What do you get if you take a Nokia N8, give it a little more shine, a lot more curve, and monochrome it with a makeover? Well, you'd be left with something that looked much like the Nokia C7, a handsome contender for those of you who want a familiar Symbianˆ3 experience without the visual statement that is the N8, or its premium price tag. On top of the visual streamlining, the Nokia C7 also has a lower spec'd camera and no mini HDMI port, so it is aimed less at multimedia fiends and more at traditionalists who still want some smartphone perks.

With a more curved, pebble-esque look than the Nokia N8, the Nokia C7 also looks more like a phone, with its call and end buttons sitting pretty underneath the screen. Taking into account its curved, chrome edges and super glossy fascia, one would be forgiven for thinking that the Nokia C7’s design is aimed at a female market with a penchant for the shiny things in life.

You can compare the Nokia C7 with many other phones using our Size Visualization Tool.
Speaking of shiny things, now onto the screen. As with the Nokia N8, there's a 3.5-inch AMOLED display on the Nokia C7. Colours are punchy and vibrant enabling the fascia to transform from a reflective mirror into a bright, beautiful display with the press of an unlock button. Brightness is set to auto by default, meaning it will adapt to your surroundings. While the brightness levels are okay when auto is active, we often found ourselves overriding auto brightness and just whacking it up to full. We wish there was a brightness widget on the homescreen as found on Android's power controls. On full brightness, the Nokia C7 is viewable in almost every situation with decent angles of view, which is impressive given the extreme reflectiveness of the screen.

Images, videos and text are displayed well on the Nokia C7. With a resolutiion of 360x640, pixel density is good enough to ensure adequate sharpness for most smartphone tasks. The capacitive glass fronted screen feels comfortable when your finger or thumb glides along it, and scrolling and sliding feels smooth with an adequate frame-rate displaying what you do, when you do it. In this regard, Nokia have delivered another Symbian^3 phone with a screen that feels high-end, hopefully putting a nail in the coffin of sub-par resistive displays on premium handsets.
Physically, the Nokia C7's curved and beveled edges encourage a comfortable hand holding experience. Made of a combination of plastic and metal, the phone, with its candybar form factor and lack of moving parts, feels distinctly durable and dense. In stark contrast to the high gloss front, the back of the Nokia C7 looks a little plain, sporting the camera and battery cover, but very little in the way of visual stimulation. Without the Nokia N8's anodized alluminium chassis, it hasn't quite got that same expensive air about it, but nevertheless, feels durable and a whole lot more practical. This reiterates our earlier point - the Nokia C7 feels like a phone, an attractive, slim phone. Without any protrusions, it fits very nicely in the pocket, and is comfortable to hold to the ear when making calls on it.

The three physical keys below the screen really help define this phone. They are comfortable to press, provide a satisfactory click and are each identifiable by touch alone. Words can't express the pleasure we get from pressing the call button twice (without even looking at our phone!) and knowing we're ringing the last person we called. Sure, maybe we're just having trouble breaking away from our physical key laden smartphone past, but oh how it feels good and oh how the Nokia C7 is the first Symbian^3 phone we've reviewed that has tickled us in that way.
Based on all this, the Nokia C7 leaves us in general, impressed with the design. Not because it's beyond cool, edgier than edgy and inspired by something positively futuristic, but because it's a solid mix of innovative new and functional old, immediately accessible, with enough slick and sexy to keep things spicy. The phone is too reflective, but we got over that and are sure you will too with the remainder of the package coming together so well.

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1. ella unregistered

Why in this review says that the camera and video of this phone is dull? Why on GSMarena, the pre-sample shot was very impressive indeed (even shot @ 6MP). This is why PhoneArena is behind GSMarena in reviewing this kinds of phones because your not even close to what users will have to experience. Your somewhat biased at some point. People out there, compare the review of GSMarena and this site to Nokia N8, you can see the difference.

2. ella unregistered

Why in this review says that the camera and video of this phone is dull? Why on GSMarena, the pre-sample shot was very impressive indeed (even shot @ 6MP). This is why PhoneArena is behind GSMarena in reviewing this kinds of phones because your not even close to what users will have to experience. Your somewhat biased at some point. People out there, compare the review of GSMarena and this site to Nokia N8, you can see the difference.

3. Stoli89

Posts: 333; Member since: Jun 28, 2010

Nokia's recent announcement that Qt would become the standard basis for User Interface developments going forward has made the C7, N8, E7, and C6-01 much more appealing. All UI enhancements previously planned for Symbian^4 will be accelerated AND included in Symbian^3. In fact, the ^3, ^4 naming has also disappeared. Owners of the C7 will see a lot of software upgrades over the next year. It is also excellent news for apps, as there is NO legacy break under this strategic shift in Symbian's UI. The completely new browser will also arrive near term, based on Qt/webkit.

4. Ergonpandilus unregistered

Can you be more specific on this: "Symbian^3 is at times convoluted." Besides browser, what are the things that you find hard to use? And how about "Shiny fascia loves fingerprints"? Isn't that the case for ALL the touchscreen phones with capasitive touch?! PS. Try Predictive Text and Word Auto-Completion on QWERTY(!) too, that really improves the usability.

5. RVM unregistered

nice review, thx

6. FCBM unregistered

Good day, very nice review indeed and very nice phone too. Too bad though Nokia doesn't get the recognition it deserves for putting out the N8, C7 and E7. As I said I like the C7 very much. However I can't find a whole lot of Apps in the Ovi Store. Now my question is, are Apps and Games interchangable between the N8 and C7? I thank you in advance!

7. Sankalp unregistered

How come there isn't a single mention of "TV out & USB On The Go" feature which have found their way for the very first in any smartphone (alongwith N8 & C6-01 ofcourse). Agreed the standard sales package of C7 doesn't provide the USB-OTG adapter (while N8 does that) but still don't you guys think it was worth a mention atleast.. !! I would also like to know its price in India?

8. Justus Jonas unregistered

Good day, I think, this is going to be my next phone. However, there's one thing I need to know, before I am going to buy it: Since the phone is equipped with a full focus cam, instead of autofocus, will it be able to scan barcodes (with barcoo for example) and QR-Codes? I know that the old iPhones (w/o autofocus) can, but what about the c7? Thank you and regards.

9. AbhiKumar unregistered

I but this Phone recently. Very Nice phone and the Symbian ^3 experience is also Good.. I really enjoy with Phone Thanks

10. Shejuguru unregistered

If this Phone had Autofocus and its default Web browser changed to Opera then it would have been a perfect phone. Almost all reviews on the net has a view that Symbian is very old it cannot match with Iphone OS or Android etc etc. But the fact is that , still Symbian(Nokia) is commanding around 50% of the world's Mobile market. Are we so stupid of getting diverted from our Symbian Phones based on reviews from the Authors who are getting paid from Apple or Android. Be wise ,think twice before leaving Nokia, If at all you go I am sure you will come back. Thanks Nokia Fan

11. Dhamodharan unregistered

I can see some of Nokia C7 owners say that the phone gets hang up / getting switched off often. I wanted to know what exactly the owners of C7 really feels after using it. Pls respond.

12. Dhamodharan unregistered

I saw those comments on

13. imran unregistered

this is nt d phone. stupidity. i ll go 4 samsung

14. ish unregistered

i always refer phone arena for comprehensive review. gsm arena makes casual remarks on speech quality where as phone arena makes it a specific point to offer detailed opinion on call quality and clarity. i just brush aside reviews which go to great length in describing features of phone keeping mum on signal strength, call volume and clarity. in this aspect phone arena beats all other reviews hollow. often i have been tempted to buy a handset after reading reviews on other sites. but i never bought any until i read what p a has to say about prime aspect of any handset-speech quality snd volumes. if it is bad p a says so without mincing words. gosh i have been saved many times by the crisp and straight remarks of p.a. had i ventured to buy that set it would have ended in my dust bin. keep it up p a.

15. torrentblock unregistered

SWYPE works a dream on this phone and blows away any other form of text input. that, plus divx out the box, the ovi maps... fm transmitter, makes driving so much more enjoyable!

16. torrentblock unregistered

i love this phone. to answer the question above, i am able to use this phone without it hanging up or dropping calls. My girlfriend can't quite get the hang of it though, but then she manages to drop calls on her HTC desire too...

17. LYK unregistered

Pls don't buy nokia handphone, i just brought nokia c7 in 11/11/2010 from Nokia dealer , just use for two days the phone 'hang' and phone lock up no responding, so i bring it to the Nokia dealer where i brought ( Jusco Permas Jaya , Malaysia), they said they won't give us service or repairing, then i have no choice i send to Nokia service center at Landmark IT Mall Johor Bahru malaysia, they said 3 hours will settle my problem,but after waiting for 6 hours the answer is no spare parts for repair, i must go back and wait for theirs news. After 1 week we didn't get any respond from them, so i call them again... answer is you must be patient , once ready they will inform and no time Nokia care center same tone also , have to commitment..........! As a consumer buy a handphone can not be use,what do you think.... DON'T BUY NOKIA HANDPHONE ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!

18. JudaZ unregistered

LYK - well buy an icrap then and see what support you get after 90 days.... none

19. RLKK unregistered

Am in Singapore ..... Don't .... don't even touch this phone. Got a C7 for a month now, after less than 1 week, it keeps hanging. Sent to Nokia Care and they took two weeks and cannot figure out, then after much pressing, they replaced the motherboard and now (after 1 week) phone starts hanging again.

20. holomodo unregistered

Bought a C7 three days back. Have nothing to compain about so far. Fantastic build quality. Excellent hardware features. UI is smooth and responsive. Symbian OS is acceptable, not the monster that some people are making it out to be. This phone is worth the money that you pay for it. I am glad I bought this phone.

24. Rawv unregistered

lucky !

21. c7 user unregistered

was given a c7 by my wife as a birthday gift. within 7 days of usage, the phone died and would not start again. when i brought to the service center, the phone was diagnosed to required level 3 repair, and thus was sent to the nokia head ofc here in the philippines. was advised that it will take about 7 days to diagnose the problem. stay away from this phone.

25. Rawv unregistered

Did you get this back ?????

31. c7 user unregistered

as an update, got my phone 3 weeks after i turned it in. they had problems getting a new mainboard replacement. when they were about to turn it over to me, they discovered that the sim card containter (back cover) was also defective and needed to be replaced. so i was happy with the phone, spending hours enjoying its features - until i got a message from nokia recommending a software upgrade via ovisuite. so stupid fool that i am, i did so, as it promised better performance. i followed every instruction to the letter. but when the phone reflash was done, my phone could not power off. so i brought it immediately to the nokia care center. the following day, i was advised it had to be sent for level 3 repair again. and guess what, it needs a new mainboard replacement!!!! and of course, there are no available parts. of the 10 weeks since i've had the phone, its been 5 weeks in the nokia repair shop. i love the features of the phone - but i hate the fact that it needs frequent mainboard replacement. again. if you are thinking of getting this phone - stay away from nokia. might as well try samsung or other android phones. btw, my brother in law bought an n8 last november. within 7 days, the phone got bricked, and it took also 3 weeks before its mainboard could be replaced. NO to NOKIA

22. rre unregistered

I brought it last week.with in one week if automatically switched off more than 20 times.while making call and receiving call get hanged and after some times phone got switched off.After few minutes only its again getting on..Search in google nokia c7 complaints before buying it.

23. Rawv unregistered

I had bought this phone last sunday, within 8 days the phone got dead. Now it has been sent to the Nokia Care ( Main Branch- Noida ). Not sure when will i get this back. My money is at a stake.......

26. John unregistered

Don't go for c7 now..I brought last week and its totally dead yesterday.Now its sent to factory for checking.Some of my friends also facing same problem.Seems to be some buck in this product.wait for get it fixed

27. Santhosh3186

Posts: 4; Member since: Jan 05, 2011

C7 PROBLEM: 1. Phone hangs then restarts after a few seconds hangs, shuts down, then cannot be started up again for a while, like 30 minutes. C7 SOLUTION OF PROBLEM: Mine also has defect in it and i rectify in following way. ~back up ur msg,contact,videos,image to PC. ~then format ur mmc and remove it. ~remove 3rd party app,games from ur phone. ~do hard reset by pressing *#7370# then ~reinstall C7 FIRMWARE from nokia care and after that ~then update ur phone with latest firmware v012.004 RM-675 file size-274 MB (release on 30dec) in INDIA from ovi suite or from nokia care and then ~transfer ur back up msg,contacts,photos. now it will work fine and flawlessly without any problem and now ur problem will be solved. IMROVEMENTS IN FIRMWARE v012.004: ~fix all restarting,hanging bugs that have in older Firmware ~Updated version is very quick for video sharing. ~It has all new updated Facebook application. ~Improved browser speed and also the search speed also. ~It also provided updated country and region maps plus in-device user guide. ~Improved search. Performance improvements. THANK YOU.

28. Santhosh3186

Posts: 4; Member since: Jan 05, 2011

1st batch of C7 Has defect in them. Mine also has defect in it . ~I reinstall C7 FIRMWARE and ~then update my phone with two firmware v012.003(release in November) and v012.004(release on 30dec) and now working without any problem. I am happy now and install lots of app,games. Play games on tv screen with C7. PLZ PLZ! follow these steps and update ur phone with these two firmware and ur problem will be solved. NOW IT IS CONFIRMED THAT 2ND BATCH OF C7 WILL BE DEFECTIVE FREE.SHIPPING FROM 15TH OF JANUARY.

29. Baiju unregistered

Hi guys, Nokia C7 is a fantastic phone...sorry smart phone. It is really smart. People may say their experience..most of them may not even tried out one forth of its features. I tried all the features and impressed a lot. It is a mini computer, a HD video cam, a Digital Cam, A multi format video player, music player, a very good navigation device, a very good smart touch phone... what else you are looking for... Symbian ^3 is a good OS and offers most of the advanced features... also offerring more and more through OVI store... Enjoy the smart phone leader favourite Nokia C7.
  • Display 3.5" 360 x 640 pixels
  • Camera 8 MP / 0.3 MP VGA front
  • Storage 8 GB + microSDHC
  • Battery 1200 mAh(5.30h 3G talk time)

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